Recommendations for Avon Case – Product Promotion

Two recommendations for promoting direct-sales through consumer and the business; One is to offer incentives to its customers and second is to motivate the business to promoting its products by advertisements, establishing sales competition for employees, participating in conventions, and by endorsing franchise of its products to retail stores.

Promoting Avon’s products and high chance of increasing direct-sales is to offer incentives to its consumers. Incentives provide a positive motivational influence to encourage and excite buyers to buy the products. Such incentives, appropriate for this situation, are coupons, rebates, product samples and awards. Coupons can be attached in mail, beauty magazines, newspapers, and advertisements on mail or on the internet company’s official website. Rebates can be offered also to attract more buyers to buy the products. Rebates can be advertised also on coupons through mail or the internet.

Another successful way of attracting consumers is by offering samples of Avon’s cosmetic products, which can be done door-to-door or attached on an advertisement through mail. Finally, awards through prizes, contests or sweepstakes can offer consumers the chance to win something small or big like cash or a free-trip to the Bahamas. Also, prizes can be offering a free gift whenever a consumers purchase one of Avon’s products. This last incentive option attracts more attention from consumers than the three other options.

Motivate the Avon business to reach its goals of promoting its products and gaining sales through advertisements, sales competition, participating in conventions and endorsing franchise. Advertising is the key to attracting consumers and the outcome is high sales. Such advertisement is done through media (television), mail, or the internet. The more awareness from the public of the company the more likely to attract more buyers and the outcome is high sales.

The next option is to encourage Avon’s sales representatives with awards/prizes that reached their sales goals within a period of time. Another is participating in conventions and this is more likely to increase sales through direct contact with customers. Last is to endorse franchise of Avon’s products with small and big cosmetic-related retail stores, such as Macy, JC Penny, etc. This last option can most likely increase sales.

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