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The ad provides a semi-realistic job preview in the job duties, but then gets infusing when it goes into the Requirements. The job title is laborer, but knowledge of Microsoft office and operating a forklift is an asset. So many questions come up. The ad provides a very real job preview. It’s very honest in that it lays out a seemingly endless list of responsibilities. Which is good to see and know/ understand what you are getting into. 3. What is the corporate image/brand presented by the advertisement?

What does it tell you about the company and the job? From this Ad, there is no image of brand presented. We don’t even get the name of the company. All we can assume is that either the company wishes to remain anonymous, or it’s a very small company. The fact that it linked from twitter is interesting in itself. It’s showing that they are attempting to appeal to a certain kind of person. A more youthful kind of person. 4. Does the ad assist you in achieving person-organization fit? How? It doesn’t really give you a sense of what kind of organization it is.

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In the requirements you must be a good communicator, strong work ethic and get long with others. Assuming that you will be working on a team… It achieves person-organization fit to a degree. The Ad makes it seem exciting to work for Rogers. And that thrill and busyness is something that I’m looking for in a company. AS an HRS student in a Recruitment and Selection course: 1. Is this an effective method to recruit for this type of Job? For the kind of position I would say that it’s an effective way to recruit.

They are looking for general laborers for a minimum wage job. The company is not soused on retention, or even being transparent. This Job is effective in that it is straight to the point with detailed responsibilities and qualifications. 2. Who is the target market? Do you think they are reaching their target market? Why,’Why not? The target market is students and low / unskilled workers. Most people who fall into this category would use this kind of government job bank to search for jobs, over other recruitment methods.

They are reaching out to the younger generation Year’s, but I’m not so sure that hey are that convincing. There are more things they should be doing if they want to get and retain Generation Year’s 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method of recruitment? The advantage to this method is that it is from a government job bank so it reaches a wide range of applicants. The disadvantages to this method is that it only reaches a certain audience. The advantages are that it increases job visibility, raises brand awareness, cost effective, engaging.

The cons are that it shouldn’t be a replacement to other methods. There are so many voices on the internet, that its hard to get a following and or ensure that your voice is being heard. 4. What alternative methods could be used for this job advertisement that would be more effective and why? An alternative method could be to place an ad in a local newspaper because it would reach a more specific target audience think that using twitter, combined with other sources of social media, job banks and on TV (Rogers channel help to make it more effective.

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