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Assignment on Dhaka North City Corporation

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Dhaka north City Corporation is newest city corporation in Bangladesh. By the local govt. act 2011 it established. In this report I have discussed about various policy and citizen charter of Dhaka City Corporation south. My report mainly aimed at CGLD condition of this city corporation. I am really grateful to Mr. Shamim Ahmed, senior assistant secretary of Administrator of DNCC to help me completing this assignment and also my friends. I am giving a special thanks to my course instructor Dr.

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Assignment on Dhaka North City Corporation
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Nzmul Ahsan Kalimullah to give this survey as my assignment and help to complete this assignment. Introduction: Dhaka Municipality was established on the 1st August, 1864. In 1990, Dhaka Municipal Corporation was renamed as Dhaka City Corporation and was divided in to zones to fulfill the objectives of decentralization. The Local Govt. (City Corporation) Amendment Act (2011), Dhaka City Corporation has divided as Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) on 04. 12. 2011 as well as the Government has appointed Mr.

Khursshed Alam Chowdhury (additional Secretary) as the Administrator of DNCS.

According to the existing law, the executive power of the Corporation vests in and exercised by the Mayor/Administrator. The Corporation constitutes Several Standing Committees and other Committees to monitor and guide the diversified activities of the organization. The Mayor/administrator is assisted by the Chief Executive Officer, who in turn, is assisted by the Secretary, the Heads of Departments and Zonal Executive Officers. Objective: The main objectives of this survey are to know about Dhaka City Corporation South. And.. * Total population of DNCC, * Map of the DNCC, * Budget policy of DNCC, Income source in budget, * Structure of local government of DNCC. * Process of implementing policies, * Importance of Local Governance, * citizen charter of DNCC, * Environment policy of DNCC. Statement of the Problem: Dhaka North City Corporation is newest city corporation in Bangladesh. so that their administrative setup is not completed. There are no data available of this city corporation. In fact there is not a Web Site. Method of Data gathering: I have collected data in various fields. Those are… 1. Interview with Administrator of DNCC 2. Interview of Nagar Vaban Officials . Interview of word councilors 4. interviews of staffs of Nagar Vaban and Word office 5. Citizen interviews 6. Bangladesh Porisonkan Bureau 7. Internet Statistical Treatment: There has no data of total population of DNCC, haw many people is taking facilities of Electricity, GAS, Education, water and sanitation, Bank and other facilities and percentage of income source in the category of own income, Governmental help. So I have to take a average percentage from some data. Limitations: In this report I have discussed only about answers of the questioner that provided.

I have failed to find out total population of Dhaka North City Corporation and much other information because this local Government is newly established. Main body of the Report * Name of Local governmental institution: Dhaka North City Corporation. * Name of the District: Dhaka. * Population: There has no exact figure of total population of this area. But about 22 core voter has in this area. * Area: the area of Dhaka North City Corporation is not measured. It’s now under High Corte for a writ petition. Survey report according to questioner: Q-1: Income source in last budget:

Initial stage 20crores Revenue 263. 75crores others 1. 50crores Government block grants 12. 50crores Special governmental grant 25. 00crores Government & foreign helped project/ PPP based project 270. 50 cores Total – 593. 25 cores * I am showing it by sector wise percentage… * revenue- 46 % * gov. t grant – 6. 5% Q-2: Budget expenditure in last year: Revenue 122. 10crores others 2. 35crores Development 448. 80crores Ending stage 20crores Total – 593. 25 cores * I am showing it by sector wise percentage.. * development – 78% * salary – 21% * others – 1%

Q-3: Have willingness to Govern Local Government by own income? * Yes-100% * No-00% Q-4- Haw many independence is necessary to take project under LGSC? 1. Independence is not needed- 00% 2. Like present- 05% 3. More than present- 25% 4. Full independence- 70% Q-5: Have any restriction to implement any mandatory or extra work? Most of the officials and citizen think that, it’s yes because of completing any task of City Corporation the Mayor or Administrator have to take permission of govt. They are liable to the Ministry of Local Government and department wise other ministry like Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance etc.

I am showing this cause according to my survey………….. * Economic crises- 05% * Have not independence- 85% * Lack of officials- 13% * Others- 02% Q-6: Your standing committee is active? There are 13 standing committee have to in a City Corporation or Pawroshova. This standing committee member is selected from word councilors. But there are no election held in Dhaka North City Corporation. So that in Dhaka North City Corporation there is no elected Mayor and Word councilors now. As a result DSCC have no standing committee. Activation of standing committee of DNCC is out of imagination now.

Q-7: What’s your thinking behind deactivation of Standing Committee Our standing committee is not active because from the establishment of Dhaka North City Corporation there is no election held. Q-8: Should start Local Parliament or Council for Local Govt.? Decentralization of Power is the most important for effective local government. By decentralizing power citizens will get their rights properly. Especially Urban Parliament will be much more helpful to get their rights. Urban Government will be created by the coordination of Urban Administration, Urban Corte and Urban Parliament.

Mayor will be head of Urban Administration and he will be elected by direct election. Councilors will be Parliament member. They will complete urban related task and will not joined in administrative and judicial activates. In urban Parliament will be discussed about saving footpath, park development, playground development, GAS, Electricity & Water related solution. Taken policy in urban parliament will be implemented by Urban Parliament. So it’s now clear that Urban Parliament is mandatory to give citizens right properly. My survey answer is – Yes -100%

Q-9: Do you think that, own local Corte is necessary for local government? If yes, then haw it will be created? There is no doubt that Local Corte is essential for Local Government. Most of the officials and citizen strongly support it. The Urban Corte should create by selected or elected person. But Mr, Khurshhed Alam Chodhury, Administrator of Dhaka North City Corporation, think thkat the recrument procedure should be by competitive examination. That means Decentralization of Power policy will fully implement that is essential for local government. Q-10: Should A vice chairman/Deputy Mayor be elected in local Govt. ike upozila? * Yes-18% * No-82% Q-11: Do you think its necessary to elect a male and female representative in every word? * Yes- 25% * No-75% In this year the world has just celebrated 100 years of International Women’s Day, with the theme “Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress for All. ” Without mainstreaming women in the development process and integrating them equally in local level and central government, it will be quite impossible to think about sound development of any developing country like Bangladesh. Local government is considered as the linchpin of any country’s central government.

A truly democratic and representative government cannot be established without women’s participation in the political processes. Political participation is a means of gaining access to the power structure, where decisions with regard to the allocation of resources amongst people and other issues of the community’s concern are made. Participation in local level government is a critical issue for women mainly because it is one of the most effective instruments to improve the condition of grassroot level women of the country. Local government plays an influential role in grassroot level development through responding to local needs.

Local government means an intra-sovereign governmental unit dealing mainly with local affairs, administered by local authorities and subordinate to the state government (Jahan, 1997:92). Q-12: Haw many people is taking their citizen charter of Electricity, GAS, Health, Bank and safety? It is quit impossible to find out this figure because DNCC is the newest city corporation of our country. They have no data haw people live in their aria, and what is their aria. So to find answer of this question is very difficult. The Dhaka North city Corporation provides health service by UPHCP-II Urban Primery Care Project.

By this project they offered 46 types of services. And they have Nagar Matrisadan, Nagar Sasto kandro etc. they provide helth service through partnership of Nari Matree, Mari Stopes Clinic Socity (MSCS), Unity through Population Services (UTPS), Progoti Samaj Kallayan Protisan (PSKP). Q-13: Have any plan of your local govt. about environmental safety? Urban studies of late obviously aim at environmental issues. As a matter of fact there is a thrust on the impact of unplanned urbanization on city environment. Admittedly major urban areas in Bangladesh are the seats of the forces of civilization.

Dhaka is the capital as well as district and divisional headquarters. Dhaka represents a prototype of cosmopolitan urbanization with technological revolution in communication, ICT for illustration, and strikingly dynamic trends in mobility pattern. At times it is swamped with environmental hazards reflected in conflicting variables. All development management with input needs like water, gas, power and energy including the environmental attributes of land-use, drainage, solid and liquid wastes, air and adjoining sub-urbs, has turned out to become counterproductive increasing stress on environment.

Over the recent couple of decades urbanization in Dhaka has assumed ‘greater significance’ influencing ‘growth, distribution, density and structure of population. ‘ Even then there is no proper system of waste disposal. There is a generation of ‘organic pollution hazard’. The garbage spreads in heaps all over the filthy city points. Well maintained garbage disposal system is lacking. In many city-points some amount of solid waste is discharged into the drains or canals causing a great deal of pollution. Garbage disposal requires responsible urban governance which is supposed to take immediate action.

Dhaka is virtually seething with urban impact on its environment. Any time it may burst to the utter distress of its dwellers. So far we have failed in taking preventive measures. So that DNCC working as much as possible to reduce this hazard. Recently they are going to establish three automated toilet in their city corporations. The DNCC established a department of Environmental issue. The main task of this department is to reduce environmental hazard like earth quick, tree plantation etc. Concluding remark Dhaka North City Corporation is newest city corporation of Bangladesh.

To make it as a model of Local Government the election is essential now. So as soon as possible the govt. should held City Corporation election otherwise the process of divination of Dhaka city will be aimless. After election the DNCC will be effective much more then present. The present condition is worst. The present administrative body cannot take any decision, they fully rely on govt. After election the standing committee will be effective and the will be able to take policy that is important for citizen.

After completing those process the Dhaka North City Corporation will be an idle city corporation of Bangladesh. Appendix The list of officials, staffs and citizen from whom I have taken interview… 1. Khurshed Alam Chowdhury, Administrator (Addl. Secretary), Dhaka North City Corporation. 2. Dr. Md Nur- Un-Nobi, Chef Health officer, Dhaka North City Corporation. 3. Muhammad Ashique Elahi Mojumder, Specialist- Reporting, Grammen Phone. 4. Rumana Qulsum Akter, lecturer, Peoples University Bangladesh. 5. Mahbuba Akter, Housewife. 6. Ayesha Akter Safin, student. 7. Yeasin Ali, Rickshaws Puller. 8. Samira Alam, teacher.

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Assignment on Dhaka North City Corporation. (2017, Jan 31). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/assignment-on-dhaka-north-city-corporation/

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