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Reflection Paper in FCL

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Second quarter has finally ended. Another chapter has unfolded its content and now as the Third quarter if fast approaching, I’d like to reflect and ask things about the daily program that we have during class discussions in FCL. After discussing, unlocking and learning facts and ideas, I’d like to ask few things- Does the Bible have authority? Why are personal testimonies important in sharing the gospel?

These are just three of the many questions I’d like to ask when it comes to being a Christian living in the world we do today.

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Reflection Paper in FCL
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Does the Bible have authority? After I’ve done researches ,the answer to this question is YES and in so many different ways. There are two major categories where the evidence is clear that the Bible has authority, the first one being internal evidence and secondly just the opposite external evidence.

Internal evidence consisting of everything that has happened in the Bible itself and external evidence being that which is found outside of this incredible document such ancient manuscripts, archaeology, and philosophy just to name a few.

The first fact, dealing with internal evidence is that concerning the transforming ability of the Bible. There are so many different kinds of people that live in our world today and this single book called the Bible has changed the lives of many of those people specifically, murders, government officials, business people, and students just to name a few.

No other book can say the same or has had the same effect on so many different people and that’s because “The Word of God” is not just a book filled with encouraging words, but a book with power to change someone’s life no matter who or what they have done. A second fact is that the Bible claims to be the Word of God. The Bible was written by forty different authors who knew they were writing the words of God but didn’t always understand what they were specifically writing, this is a self proclamation of how amazing and powerful God really is.

As 2 Peter 1:21 states, “ No prophecy was ever made by an act of human will but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God. ” These words have really persuaded me to believe that learning Christian facts in FCL isn’t just about unlocking topics but it’s all about putting your faith in every word that is written. Let theology act as a guide; certainly; but do not forget, it is not the line on the paper where He asks us to draw near, but rather the land that lies beneath where He demands to meet us!

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