Reflection paper on gender Sample Essay

There are many definitions of gender in society. and there are grounds for these definitions. I tend to tilt towards the more typical definition of gender. I see gender as a manner of categorising people by their actions and or physical visual aspect. When we talked about gender in category my eyes were opened a small though. and I think that I would wish to seek to look at gender otherwise now.

Issues like whether or non adult females can make the same occupations every bit good as work forces.

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Reflection paper on gender Sample
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or whether or non adult females are every bit smart as work forces comes up a batch in treatments about gender and you showed us some of these illustrations. In my sentiment anyone can make anything they set their heads to whether they be male or female. It is obvious that work forces and adult females are different physically. but I don’t believe there is scientific grounds that says work forces are smarter or more superior than adult females in anyhow.

This image of adult females being inferior is easy disappearing and will hopefully someday be non-existent. I find myself specifying gender along with society. Society stereotypes people in this manner because it is an easy manner to categorise and specify people. By stating a adult female is masculine it is insinuating that her physical physique is non that of the “typical” female. Femininity to me is a manner to province that a female is really old fashioned. I view maleness as a really domineering and strong trait. both physically and emotionally. Sing person as masculine in my head is non insinuating anything bad about that individual. even though it is non uncommon for people to associate together being masculine with being really rowdy or unruly.

I think it is of import that gender definitions are altering easy through clip. and I hope that I can in someway aid with this alteration. I want to alter the manner I look at the different genders. I want others to understand this besides. I hope to see a difference in the manner people look at gender and gender functions. Possibly my grandchildren won’t be stereotyped due to their gender.

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