Reflection in the Movie “Anak” Analysis

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The movie explores the relationship between a mother and daughter, highlighting the struggles and sacrifices that parents make for their children’s well-being. The story centers around a communication gap between the two, leading to misunderstandings and tension. The film emphasizes the importance of understanding and supporting one’s parents, especially when they work hard to provide for their family. It also stresses the need for open communication and the willingness to admit mistakes in order to strengthen relationships. Ultimately, the movie conveys the message that family is always there for you, no matter what happens, and that love and respect should be reciprocated between parents and children.

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A mother is not a perfect person because nobody’s perfect. She struggles for her family’s happiness and wellness. But as a person, she commits mistakes which are for a reason and has a reason. A child conversely should love and respect his/her parents as a return of what they have given. It is a child who supports the mother and must be the one to understand his/her mother’s sacrifices. This movie focuses on the relationship of a parent and a child who comes across a trial which concerns misunderstanding due to communication gaps between the daughter and the mother. Its moral lesson evolves around the understanding how parents try to make a living for their children. The sacrifices one has to give in order for her children to have a better future and meet their needs. In our country, many have worked overseas hoping to uplift their livelihood and to look for success just like the main character in the movie. Children have to understand all their parent’s hardships.

In the child’s growth, he or she may start to look for guidance and love due to their distance. In this movie, both have to realize their shortcomings and constant communication is a must to avoid these gaps. A parent and a child should have an open communication with each other especially when distance is between them. Distance is not a hindrance to show how you care for your children. The child must also commit her mistakes that friends may leave and dessert you, but no matter what happens, your family will always there right beside you.

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