Reflection to the Book of Daniel and Revelation 1 Chapter

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Chapter 1 of the book of Daniel tells the story of four young men named Daniel, Meshach, Shadrach, and Abed-nego who were taken captive and brought to the King’s palace in Babylon. God had chosen them and gave them knowledge and wisdom to teach His message and teachings to the Kingdom. They faced a great trial when they disobeyed the King’s instruction and remained true to God, resulting in being thrown into a burning fiery furnace. However, God protected them from harm, and the King was convinced of the truth and ordered his people to follow what these three friends believe. As a Christian, I struggle with temptation and worldly pleasures, but my life was transformed when I was sent to a place where different activities and people rekindled my lost Christian character.

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Daniel chapter 1 tells a story of a 4 young wise men named Daniel, Meshach, Shadrach and Abed-nego. They were captivated and brought in into the King’s palace for a grate purpose. However, that purpose is the plan of God for His teachings to be known and thought in the place of Babylon. God had chosen these four young men and gave them knowledge and wisdom. These young men used their knowledge that God had given them and by their works they had established God’s message and teachings to the Kingdom. Reflection to the Chapter I asked myself, why did God let.

What happened is that they disobeyed the King’s instruction and remain true to almighty God. This made the King furious and had them thrown into the burning fiery furnace. But miracle happened, God has protected these 3 friends from being harmed. The King was convinced by the truth, therefor, the king ordered that his people must follow what this three friends believes. Reflection to the chapter Living as Christian faces uncountable trials and temptations.

As a Christian, weak in faith, I often fell into temptation. I admired most the pleasure what this world offers. I love worldly pleasures and seem nothing wrong about doing so. I have set aside my Christian character in order to get along with my friends. For me, living in righteousness and doing what is right in the eyes of God is a burden, so hard to follow. I don’t have the strength and courage to resist sirocco of temptations. When it comes my way, I just let it overcome me without resisting. I have embraced the pleasure of this world and embraced a sinful life.

Well, that was before my life was changed. My parents had sent me in a place where things are truly different. As stated from my earlier reflections, different activities, different people with different personalities and different lifestyle had made my life transformed. The once lost Christian character had been enkindled.

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