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“Remittance Man”- Judith Wright poem analysis Sample

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In her verse form “Remittance Man” . Judith Wright focuses on the subject of populating up to society’s unwritten codification of behavior within England’s nineteenth century civilization. She suggests that within a society so socially divided. there remains the idle rich who are obligated to stay by the ceaseless demand for societal etiquette expected of their station. She compares this English life style to a unworried Australian society.

Wright’s powerful usage of imagination in painting the landscapes of Australia and England.

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“Remittance Man”- Judith Wright poem analysis Sample
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contrast in extremes demoing Australia as holding a more comfy. slow-paced society. described in ‘…red blowing dust of roads where the squads go slow. ’ She compares the Australian life to the English. confined and changeless. particularly demonstrated in the upper categories that have the benefit of ‘pheasant shooting’ . While these contrasts are based on the landscapes of the two states. Willard huntington wrights differentiations allow readers to sympathize with the Remittance Man and the dramatic alteration in life style he experiences.

She explores the impinging factor of the environment on the human being. She proposes its influence in resuscitating positive and negative memories.

The verse form sympathises with those whose personalities can non conform or absorb into their cultural context. for illustration the Remittance Man whose ‘spendthrift’ nature is improper for a adult male of his position. The demand to delight and populate up to society’s outlooks is a human status emphasised throughout Wright’s verse form.

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