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If you look at the report card the dad is holding, the sun has a 2, a 3, a 4, and a 0. In the 2009 timeshare, the parents are angry with the teacher about the grades, and the son is happy because the fault is no longer his. The son has the same grades in each of the frames, but in the 2009, the teacher is the one that is upset because she doesn’t know how to explain the grades. The reason for this visual argument is because to explain that, over the years, people have been led to believe that they can do no wrong. They are fed the idea that everything can be blamed on someone else; in this case the bad grades can be blamed on the coacher.

This deflects the anger from the parents from the child to the teacher. Step 1: Understanding Context: What background information do you need to know in order to read this image intelligibly? Need to know how a child’s mind works now. Step 2: What Do You See? What are the key details or features here that stand out? What images? What text? What supporting details? Disapproving parents and an upset teacher in the 1969 side. Upset parents and a happy child with a scared teacher on the 2009 side. Step 3: Identifying the Issue(s): Based on the picture it presents, what issue does this visual seem to be referencing?

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What debate is it part of? Ego of children and their ways to deflect the anger of others. Step 4: Defining the Perspective: What side in this debate is this visual taking? What perspective on this issue does this visual seem to take? Showing the truth behind the way children are deflecting the eager and disapproval of others. Children now will deflect while children from 1969 would have accepted. Step 5: Defining the Argument: How do we know what side of this debate the visual is taking? What specific claims about this issue does the visual seem to be making? From the way they show the children.

It shows how the child in 1969 would become sad and accept the anger and make up for it, while the children of 2009 will deflect the anger from them to the teacher. Step 6: Thinking in Terms of Audience: What sort of response does this visual seem to want from its viewers? What messages or lessons does it want to convey? Is it successful? To open their eyes to the argument. It wants you to see that there is a problem with this. Yes it is successful. Review questions. 1. What did you think of when you encountered the word argument as you began to read this chapter? What do you think now? LOL) argument is a discussion between people with opposing views. Same. 2. Provide three examples of your own to illustrate the statement “Argument is everywhere. ” One of your examples should be a visual argument. (103) billboards are visual arguments. Political arguments. Religious arguments 3. Describe traditional and consensual argument. Give two examples of each. (ALL) Traditional arguments are arguments that result in 1 winner. Consensual arguments end in a compromise. 4. What are some of the conditions necessary for argument to work best? (ALL) 2 opposing opinions with support 5.

What are some of the conditions that may cause argument to fail? (ALL) Lack of support or a stubborn arguer 6. Give two examples of an ethical argument and two examples of an unethical argument (ALL) ethical argument: why something should be done to help others legalize something to benefit people unethical argument: why to kill someone who is bad do this because I told u to 7. How has the role of audience changed in the world of digital argument? (ALL) Has been widened to include anyone who can see the argument 8. Identify four sources of arguable issues. (ALL) Google. Com, being. Com, yahoo. Com, ITT virtual library.

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