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Rhetorical Analysis of Article “Egg Heads” By Kathryn Lopez

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Throughout Kathryn Lopez’s article “Egg Heads” . she uses many rhetorical schemes in order to promote her readers to hold with her statement. every bit good as to inform them of the injury that is done to immature women’s organic structures during in-vitro fertilisation ( IVF ) . With the usage of poignancy. ethos. and logos. Lopez makes her statement instead easy to hold with.

Lopez executes the rhetorical component of pathos really good throughout her article. When saying that. “They hazard hemorrhage.

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Rhetorical Analysis of Article “Egg Heads” By Kathryn Lopez
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infection. and scarring” and “weeks of abdominal hurting ( At worst. complications may go forth her dead ) . ” Lopez uses great emotion. When utilizing words such as. “dead” many emotions can be brought to the reader’s attending. promoting them to hold with the statement at manus. Emotion is besides brought to the readers because Lopez lets them cognize precisely what these immature adult females are making to their organic structures and for what grounds. such as money.

Lopez truly gets into the readers emotion when explicating that.

“College misss are the perfect donors” . because. who would non acquire emotional with cognizing that immature adult females are fundamentally being tricked into the possibility of damaging their organic structures for good? With no caputs up or warning at all. These entreaties to emotion in Lopez’s article made her argument really convincing and I believe that many people who read or have read this article will be touched by it emotionally because of the manner Lopez has incorporated the rhetorical component. poignancy.

When Lopez states that. “Unlike sperm contribution. which is over in less than an hr. egg contribution takes the giver some 56 hours and includes a battery of trials. ultrasound. self-administered injections. and retrieval” she is integrating ethos in her article. With stating facts about the procedure of IVF. Lopez shows the readers that she is knowing about the subject and is able to inform them of of import information about IVF that many immature misss take parting in egg contribution. are non cognizant of. By discoursing the sums of money that these different IVF centres are doing and the sums of money the immature adult females could perchance do by donating their eggs. Lopez’s cognition of the subject is executed yet once more. This is informing readers of one of the grounds why immature misss are making this and besides shows merely how much money this atrocious thing is conveying into the economic system. By demoing her cognition of these things. Lopez was successful in promoting adult females to see the hazards and affects of IVF.

Last. the rhetorical component of Son has been executed within Lopez’s article every bit good. Much like the rhetorical elements of poignancy and ethos. Lopez has besides executed logos successfully within her article. Although Lopez makes it really known throughout her article that she is really against IVF. she continues to demo logic of the subject and makes certain that her readers know that she has logical concluding for her sentiment. By explicating the negative effects to immature women’s organic structures due to IVF. Lopez is able to demo her logic of the subject because she states many facts about the effects of IVF. such as. “When excessively many eggs are matured in one rhythm. it can damage the ovaries. ” Lopez is able to show much logic of the procedure and effects of IVF. doing many readers to hold with her statement and put to deathing the rhetorical component of logos successfully.

In my sentiment. Lopez did a really good occupation in put to deathing these three rhetorical elements. By utilizing poignancy. ethos. and logos. I believe that she was able to carry many readers to hold with her sentiment of in-vitro fertilisation. With that being said. I believe that her article was a success and that she was able to inform every bit good as persuade many of the people that have read her article. “Egg Heads” .

This is a good analysis of the rhetoric of the author’s statement in the essay. You provide an effectual reading of her usage of rhetoric essay and do a instance for whether you find the usage of those elements successful or non. every bit good as show a clear apprehension of the elements of rhetoric and how they are used in building statements. I would hold loved to see you give more illustrations from the text of the jobs you point out and besides to do clearer what elements of rhetoric these good illustrations you point out represent. every bit good as if they are used successfully or non by Lopez to do a convincing instance for her statement. In other words. how do these good illustrations affect the rhetoric of the statement? Do they do her instance more compelling? Why or why non? There are besides some issues with lucidity and manner that detracted a spot from the overall ethos. or your ain credibleness as a author. of the essay. Overall. though. this is a good reading of the essay that offered rhetorical analysis but one that could hold been a bit more developed and explained more to the full.

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