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Rhetorical Analysis

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English 1020 Akers February 14, 2013 Litter ad Do all cats have trouble finding their litter box? Most likely the answer is no. Most litter boxes that our cats use have an uncontrollable stench after a couple of days of use. There might be a solution to this problem with Fresh Steps Odor Shield cat litter. This advertisement features a cat and sentence to make a bold statement about the product. The first thing that is noticeable about this ad is the large cat right in the middle of it.

This is where the eyes are drawn first. The cat makes a very large statement in it.

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The cat is standing there in a human-like way as if it has to go to the bathroom badly, like a toddler does when he or she has to go to the bathroom. The ad is kind of humorous in a way because cats do not stand like this cat stands and do not make faces. The layout of the ad is very simple, so when one turns to the next page of a magazine or book, the reader does not have to stop and look or read for long.

The cat is blown up very large and centered. The ad is trying to focus on just the cat, so there is really nothing else going on in the picture except that the cat is standing in a house.

Background items only include some yarn, cat toys, and a rocking chair. In the corner one can see what the box of litter looks like and what this ad is advertising. There is also some text in this picture. On the small image of the litter box in the corner it says, “Fresh Step Odor Shield, Carbon Eliminates Odors from Urine and Feces. ” The text is at the very bottom of the page and the words go with what the cat is doing in the picture. The text is not very large, but it catches one’s eye at the bottom because it is the only text on the page and is just one sentence long.

The sentence says, “Cats everywhere are having a hard time smelling their litter boxes. ” The colors are kind of neutral. There are no eye-popping colors in it either. The intended audience for this ad are people that have indoor cats as pets. People who have cats probably struggle with the odor that comes from the litter box. Also, owners have probably tried a lot of different brands of litter but still do not have any luck on trying to cover up the stench coming from the litter box.

The story is that this litter that they are advertising makes the smell of the urine and feces go away where one cannot even smell it anymore. The smell goes away so much that the cat cannot even find its own litter box, therefore having the “toddler look” the cat is having in the ad. The “toddler look” is when children hold themselves when they have to use the bathroom. The consumer house will not smell like there is a cat living in it because the litter makes the smell go away. Something else this ad says is treat your animal like it is your own child.

You would not want you little baby staying in a stinky diaper; you would want them to always be clean and smell fresh, so you would not want your cat going to the bathroom in a stinky litter box. By linking the cat to a human child, the ad uses pathos. The ad also makes use of ethos too. The ad shows some ethical appeals. For instance, this ad only has a cat, a sentence, a little logo of the product, and nothing else in this picture. Therefore, we can assume that this brand of cat litter has been out on the marker for quite some while now and have many other types of cat litter they sell.

Fresh Step Odor Shield is probably one of ten cat litters that Fresh Step makes. Also, it is not a generic brand, but a good quality brand. People who own a cat already know this brand of litter so that the company does not have to put a lot of branding into an ad or explain the product to make it sell better. The simplicity of this ad alone will probably make it sell well. The ad does not make a lot of use of logos. They do not use anything except a cat. The cat looks like it has to go to the bathroom badly because it cannot find or smell its litter box anywere.

Also at the bottom there is a text that says, “Cats everywhere are having a hard time smelling their litter boxes. ” This statement is making a point that this cat litter covers up the smell that cats leave behind in a litter box. Evidently, the cat and the small text at the bottom was all they needed to persuade someone about this product, but there are no claims or stats to say that this cat litter really works just the image and text alone. The viewer will most likely be interested because the ad is funny in a way and they will probably laugh.

They might also feel a sense of relief because there is a new product on the shelf that might work with the problems that they have with the stench of the litter they chose. All in all, the ad is very well thought out. The producer made the ad very simple for a reader, requiring less time to look at the ad. For a person that does not own a cat, he or she can flip the page, but for a cat owner, he or she can stop and look at it for a few seconds and determine whether they want to try out the brand or not. It is cute and funny, and if I were a cat owner I would try out this brand and type of litter that they are trying to sell.

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