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Rizal’s bold return to Manila in June. 1892 was his 2nd homecoming. his first homecoming from abroad being in August. 1887. It marked his reentry into the risky run for reforms. He steadfastly believed that the battle for Filipino autonomies had assumed a new stage ; it must be fought in the Philippines non in Spain. “The battleground is in the Philippines. ” He told countrymen in Europe. “There is where we should meet… There together we will endure or prevail perhaps” . Two months subsequently. on December 31. 1891. he reiterated this belief in a missive to Blumentritt. “I believe that La Solidaridad is no longer our battleground ; now it is a new struggle… the battle is no longer in Madrid” . In traveling place to take a new the reform motion. he was like the scriptural Daniel bearding the Spanish king of beasts in its ain lair.

Arrival in Manila with Sister.At midday of June 26. 1892. Rizal and his widowed sister lucia ( married woman of the late Mariano Herbosa ) arrived in Manila. A mesticulous diary keeper. he described his 2nd homecoming as follows: I arrived at Manila on 26 June ( 1892 ) . Sunday. at 12:00 midday. I was met by many carbineers headed by a major. There were in add-on one captain and one sergeant of the Veteran Civil Guard. I came down with my baggage and they inspected me at the customshouse. From there I went to Hotel de Orient where I occupied room No. 22. confronting the church of Binondo” . Visiting Friends in Central Luzon

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Visiting Friends in Central Luzon 6:00 autopsy. JUNE 27 following twenty-four hours after his visit to his sisters. he boarded a train in Tutuban station Visited his friends to recognize them personally and discourse some issues: ( good nationalists and protagonists of REFORM CRUSADE ) from: Malolos. Bulacan San Fernando. Pampanga Tarlac. Tarlac Bacolor. Pampanga 5:00 autopsy. JUNE 28. went back to Manila Tutuban Station ( Phil. Nat’l Railway ) He was shadowed by Government spies The places that were visited were raided by Guardia Civil which seized some transcripts of: NOLI. EL FILI and some “ SUBVERSIVE” PAMPHLETS. 2

Other Interviews with Despujol

Other Interviews with Despujol Interviews were vividly recorded in his Diary: Wednesday. June 29. 7:30-9:15. banquet of St. Peter and St. Paul. gave him trust about his sisters Thursday. June

30. 7:30- talked about the inquiry of Borneo. General opposed it really much Sunday. July 3-taleked about assorted things and thanked the General for holding lifted the instance of his sisters. He was asked if he wanted to travel in Hongkong. . He should be back on the coming Wednesday if he says yes. Case in secret filed to Rizal

Establishing of La liga Filipina

Establishing of La liga Filipina “ The Philippine League” Sunday. July 3. 1892 Meeting of the nationalists at the place of the Chinese-filipino Mestizo – DOROTEO ONGJUNCO Present patriots- Panday Pirra. Felipe leal. Socorro. and others… Rizal explained the aims of the La liga filipina. a civic conference of Filipinos. Which he desired to set up and its function in socio economic life of the people. Patriots were favourably impressed and lief approved the constitution of the Liga.

New elected officers:

New elected officers: President: Ambrosio Salvador Secretary: Deodato Arellano Treasurer: Bonifacio Arevalo Fiscal: Agustin de la Rosa

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Purposes: To unify the whole archipelago into one compact and homogeneous organic structure.Common protection in every privation and necessity. Defense against all force and unfairness. Encouragement of instruction. agribusiness and commercialism. Study and application of reforms. Motto: Unus Instar Omnium ( one like all )

Regulating Body- Supreme council -which over the whole state had legal power Provincial Council- every state Popular council- every townEvery member pays- entryway fee of two pesosMonthly due- 10 centavos: Regulating Body- Supreme council -which over the whole state had legal power Provincial Council- every state Popular council- every townEvery member pays- entryway fee of two pesosMonthly due- 10 centavos

Duties of the members:

Duties of the members: Help enrolling new member Obey the regulations of the Supreme Council To maintain in rigorous secretiveness the determinations of the Liga governments To hold symbolic name which he can non alter until he becomes occupant of his council. Report to the financial anything that he may hear which affects the La liga To act good as befits a good Filipino To assist fellow members in all ways

Rizal Arrested and Jailed in Fort Santiago:

Rizal Arrested and Jailed in Fort Santiago Wednesday. July 6- Back to Malacanang Palace to restart series of interviews with Despujol Lucia’s pillow instances Pobres Frailes ( hapless mendicants ) writing by Fr. Jacinto Despite his denial and repetitive demand for probe in conformity with the due procedure of jurisprudence. he was placed under apprehension and escorted to Fort Santiago By Ramon Despujol nephew of Gov. Gen. Fort santiago-he was kept incomunicado Gaceta de Manila

Arbitrary Deportation To Dapitan:

Arbitrary Deportation To Dapitan Dapitan. ZAMBOANGA. Mindanao Reasons for Rizal’s Deportation: Rizal had published insurgent books and articles Pobres frailes in Lucia’s pillow instances El filibusterismo was dedicated to the memory of three treasonists. . vices…admin… The terminal which pursues in his attempts and writings… . . July 15 after Midnight of July 14. 1892. . Steamer Cebu-sailing for Dapitan Captain Delgras July 15. sailing South. go throughing Mindoro and Panay July 17. 7pm. making Dapitan. Captain Ricardo Carnicero. Spanish commanding officer of Dapitan. last until July 31. 1896. . 4 old ages.


Diccesion of Rizal to Return to Manila

•May. 1892. Rizal made up his head to Return to Manila.•This determination was spurred by the followers: 1. To confabulate with Governor Dispuhol sing his Borneo colonisation undertaking 2. To set up the La Liga Filipina in Manila 3. To turn out that Eduardo de Lete was incorrect in attaking him in Madrid that he ( Rizal ) . being comfy and safe in Hongkong. had abandoned of the state cause. •Latte’s onslaught. which was printed in La Solidaridad on April 15. 1892. depicted Rizal as cowardly. Egoistic. opportunistic a nationalist in words merely. •June 20. 1892 Rizal wrote two letters which he sealed. inscribed on each envelop “to opened after my death” and gave them to his friend Dr. Marques for safekeeping. •The first missive addressed TO MY PARENTS. BRETHREN. AND FRIENDS. The 2nd missive addressed TO THE FILIPINOS

La Liga Filipina ( The Philippine League )

was a progressive organisation created by Dr. Jose Rizal in the Philippines in a house at Ilaya Street. Tondo.

The purposes were:

To unify the whole archipelago into one vigorous and homogeneous organisation ; Mutual protection in every privation and necessity ;Defense against all force and unfairness ;Encouragement of direction. agribusiness. andcommerce ; and Study and application of reforms.

Rizal conceived the thought of set uping a civic association composed of Filipinos. He wrote its fundamental law with the aid of Jose Ma. Basa who was with him in Hong Kong. The slogan wasUnus Instar Omnium ( One Like All ) . Among its members were Deodato Arellano. Andres Bonifacio. Apolinario Mabini. Moises Salvador and Timoteo Lanuza. Although every attempt was made to do it a peaceable organisation. the Spanish governments considered it unsafe and on the dark of July 6. 1892. Rizal was in secret arrested four yearss after its creative activity. The undermentioned twenty-four hours. Governor-General Eulogio Despujol ordered Rizal’s exile to Dapitan. After Rizal’s apprehension. La Liga Filipina became inactive. Then it was reorganized by Domingo Franco and Andres Bonifacio. The society finally split up into two: Cuerpo de Compromisarios. which pledged continued moral and fiscal support to the La Solidaridad in Spain. and the Katipunan. which evolved into the hawkish arm of the revolution in the Philippines.

Chemical reaction

PHILIPPINE-SPANISH HISTORY: Before the Filipino Revolution – “La Liga Filipina”

WHAT WE FILIPINOS SHOULD KNOW: We should ever happen it reviewing to reexamine our history. even merely spots and pieces of it. and to appreciate that among our recognized national heroes were reformers and revolutionists ; who in common had societal consciousness or concern about their coevals and of future coevalss of Filipinos and therefore acted. in their ain little manner. towards instruction – for achieving a national sense of community/unity. characterized by common aid and protection ; all indicants of the beginning of a sense of nationhood.

There are among us Filipinos. more competently called AmericanizedFilipinos. and aliens arrogantly and impatiently stating us to “move on. ” to “forget history. yesteryear is past. ” or claim that patriotism is anachonistic and for the bird ; evidently non recognizing that in this age of alleged globalisation. patriotism is really on the rise in much of the universe –even among the ultranationalists or imperialists. Patriotism is the chief hindrance to globalisation. aka neocolonialism.

We should state them. particularly such fellow Filipinos unaware of our “damaged civilization. ” that we can non travel frontward with all the heavy cultural luggages we have. which we have to look into. kind out and dispose of. It is merely after disposing all those historical myths. prevarications and ignorance can we understand how we became what we are today ; can we make up one’s mind on/plan for our class of action/direction and can we resolutely act to make our national finish: national sovereignty and the common good.

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