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Romeo And Juliet Argumentitive

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Friar Lawyer once also coziness this when he says, ” Holy Saint Francis! What a change is here! / Is Rosalie, that thou didst love so dear,’ So soon forsaken? Young men ;s love then lies/ Not truly in their hearts but in their The Friar emphasizes that Romeo is if cackle with his love life. Another example of his childish behavior is when he is informed of his banishment. Instead of facing the Prince and taking responsibility for killing T wobbly, Romeo runs to Friar Lawrence to flail on the floor and dissolve in tears .

Rome immaturity and sorrow clouds his judgment and in the end, led to his destruct on.

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Romeo And Juliet Argumentitive
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In both the book and the movie, Juliet shows very immature qualities. The re are many scenes in which Juliet does not face her problems. Instead she weeps a ND sobs, whereas a mature woman would deal with any problems she may have. An ex ample of this is when she is informed Romeo has killed Table and is banished from Veer non.

Juliet shows distress in the book when she wails, ” What devil art thou that do SST torment me thus?! This torture should be roared In dismal hell. ” (Ill, ii, 4344) Juliet IS clearly miserable and cannot do anything but cry.

Another example of Gullet’s immature ritzy is, instead of standing up for herself and her love for Romeo when she is forced to marry Paris, she avoids the problem by taking a sleeping potion. Gullet’s immaturity e eventually caused her to take her own life. Patience is a virtue that Romeo and Juliet do not posses. Through out the play and movie we see impulsively and impatience mar their personalities. One exam lee of their impatience is how they rush to get married. You can see this between the line s of 134135 in act one, scene five, My grave is like to be my wedding bed. After having brief interaction with each other Juliet is already thinking of marriage. Also, when Friar Lawrence proposes the idea of marriage to Romeo he is excited and in agree meet, despite only knowing her a few days. Committing suicide is also an example o f their impulsively. To Romeo and Juliet, they would rather die than live without the o there and when faced with the decision both of their first impulses was to choose death. Some may think that Friar Lawrence is responsible for the deaths of Romeo a Juliet because he agrees to marry them, which may have caused some of the conflicts.

However, Romeo and Juliet continue to come to the Friar with their problems , creating a burden for Friar Lawrence. An example of this is when Juliet pleads to the FRR air saying, “Or walk in thievish ways, or bid me lurk/ Where serpents are; chain me with roaring bears,’ Or hide me nightly in a Charlene house. ” (IV, I, 7981) This shows they are guilty of causing their own deaths because they refuse to deal with their o problems and pressure the Friar to help them. If they would face their problem ms Juliet wouldn’t take the Friar’s sleeping potion that led to Romeo and Juliet deaths.

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