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“Romeo and Juliet” , with quotes.

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Ironically, the outstanding character trait of impulsiveness causes the happiest moment in their lives, but also the saddest. The play Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. A tragedy is a play, novel, or other narrative that depicts serious and important events in which the main characters come to an unhappy end. This unhappy end is also called the “catastrophe,” the tragic downfall (death or destruction) of the tragic hero. Romeo is the tragic hero in this work of art because he is the protagonist of the tragedy.

The tragic hero, Romeo, is the cause of all the death and seduction that happened in Romeo and Juliet.

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“Romeo and Juliet” , with quotes.
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His errors in judgment combined with other character traits lead to the catastrophe in this tragedy. Romeo was also considered the tragic hero because he had one character flaw that contributed to the catastrophe. With Rosalie, my ghostly father? No. Have forgot that name and that name’s woe. This trait was impulsiveness. Romeo says these words, showing his impulsiveness.

He says that he has totally forgotten his old love and now loves someone else. Romeo, being the tragic hero in the play, led to his own teashop and later his lover’s.

Is it nee so? Then I defy you, stars! Thou knows my lodging. Get me ink and paper And hire post horses. I will hence tonight. In this quote by Romeo, he shows his impulsiveness to do things hastily. The character trait Of impulsiveness leads to destruction Of most of the main characters in the play. He hears that Juliet IS dead, and he says that he will leave tonight to go out by himself. He can’t go on without Juliet. His inability to control his hastiness leads him to Gullet’s grave and there he commits suicide.

He wants to defy the stars which had lead him outside, and go kill himself to be with her, his love. Unfortunately, the worst does not end after he kills himself. After it is seen that Romeo drinks the poison he bought from the apothecary, Juliet decides to stab herself. Romeo, acting on impulse rather than considering the consequences of his actions, leads to his and Gullet’s death. Romeo and Juliet, a Shakespearean play, is a tragedy by all means. A few things are needed for a play to be called a tragedy: a tragic hero, a teashop, and a character flaw.

There is a tragic hero, Romeo, whose single character flaw (impulsiveness) leads to the catastrophe of the play. Do beseech you, sir, I have patience. Your looks are pale and wild and do import Some misadventure. This quote is Blathers talking to Romeo. He is telling Romeo to control himself, have patience, and not act too quickly. He tells Romeo that he doesn’t look well and that if he goes through with this, something bad will happen. This was true, and his hastiness ultimately killed both he and Juliet.

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