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Romeo and Juliet Eulogy Script

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However, if those questions are to go unanswered, I believe it may be necessary for me to ask one final question: “Is it possible to appreciate and believe in true love within the walls of Verona, knowing all too well what the outcome was for the first two people who did so? ” By reflecting upon this heartbreaking outcome for both late Master Romeo Montague and Lady Juliet Caplet, it is fair to believe that both he and she would want others, to be able to go forth and receive the will to love freely, knowing there are no consequences if they were to do so.

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Romeo and Juliet Eulogy Script
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Capsules, Montague, friends and family of the deceased and other fellow citizens of Verona, we are gathered here today to mourn the tragic loss of both Master Romeo and Lady Juliet. With all due respect to the Capsules, I shall only be speaking on Master Romeos behalf. This is due to the fact that I have attained the honor of doing so from being granted permission from his family.

When I obtained the privilege to serve Master Romeo, I knew from the first day of service, I had formed not only formed a great deal of respect for my aster, but also an undeniable friendship.

He was the most modest, loyal and cheerful master have ever obtained the privilege to serve. Master Romeo also possessed a high level of intelligence, which was mainly shown by his fine array of poems and sayings, which were all dedicated to Lady Juliet. All Master Romeo ever seemed to do was fantasize and daydream about Lady Juliet. It was obvious that had never been so madly in love with any other women before. I came across a multitude of poems addressed to Lady Juliet.

I an remember the words as clear as day: “Give me my Juliet, and when she shall die, cut her out in little stars, and she shall make the face of heaven so fine, that the entire world will be in love with night; and pay no worship to the garish sun. ” also remember the night that Master Romeo returned from the Caplet’s house party. I did not have the slightest of clues on what occurred throughout that night. Master Romeo did make his presence clear when he returned home later that evening. “Did my heart love till now?

Forswear it, sight! For I o’er saw true beauty till this night! ” These are the exact words Master Romeo echoed as he entered the Montague manor. I asked whom he was referring to and was shocked at first. But his reasoning’s persuaded me enough to believe it was love at first sight. It is without question that Master Romeo is someone that will always be remembered. It was his humble personality, romanticism and loyalty which made Master Romeo arguably the most beloved Montague ever to have lived.

As I present this eulogy today, look and see many different faces: male and male, Montague and Capsules and others – all of which knew Master Romeo in several ways. It doesn’t matter how much time One could spend with Master Romeo; he treated everyone with equality. He was a friend… And he would’ve been a wonderful husband to Lady Juliet. Today, not only are we bidding a final farewell to a friend, or a relative, or a noble citizen of Verona, but to a young man who was a true blessing to society. So, now, I bid farewell once again. Until tomorrow, Master Romeo. Until tomorrow…

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