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Romeo and Juliet sample answer

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At the start of the played are introduced to he family feud that dominates and influences the characters and their actions. This feud is a key obstacle for the two young lovers as they are from different families, the Montague and the Capsules. There are very few light hearted moments throughout the text and any of those that exist involve Mercuric, a kinsman of the King. By the end of the play six characters have died, many Of them needlessly. Mercuric and Paris, two kinsmen Of the King needlessly die even though they are not directly involved in the feud.

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Romeo and Juliet sample answer
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The way he story unravels is also highly tragic as the deaths and downfall of the various characters could have been avoided and were all a consequence of a pointless feud of which very few people know the origin. Try and show why the play is serious. You are not asked to give opinions but simply just describe points from the story and use these to show why it is serious.

For example talk about the ending of the play, what are the key things that happen Are you happy with how the play progresses Serious themes such as death, hate etc.

Describe the impact that the feud has on the characters serious consequences. What impact it made on you How did you feel Were you frustrated, regretful or angry at stages during the play Did you feel that things could have worked out differently What were the key aspects that you reflected on The serious element of the play made the greatest impact on me. At the ending of the play it is very difficult to feel anything but a great amount of frustration and anger at how things turned out. It is difficult to feel sympathy for the Capsules and the Montague as they contributed to their win downfall.

Overall the reader is left with a feeling of regret as it is obvious that events could have easily been averted if people had been a little bit more reasonable. It is extremely tragic how the Friars wish to have the families put the feud behind actually occurs but at a very high price the death of 6 characters. Even the Prince in the last scene makes reference to the fact that everyone has been punished and nobody has come out of this in a better position. Overall the play makes you reflect on how foolish the feud was in he first place and pity how good people were corrupted and suffered due to it.

Romeo and Juliet never involved themselves in the feud yet it had a devastating impact on them. These are just sample extracts that are unfinished for the question. You would need to edit and develop upon these. 2. From a play you have studied choose one important relationship. (I) Describe the main characteristics of this relationship throughout the play. (15) (ii) How does either the setting (time or place) or another character have an influence on this relationship Support your answer with reference to the text. 5) The play I have studied is Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. An important relationship from the play is that between Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet are two young lovers from feuding families who meet and fall in love, however they are faced with numerous obstacles which they need to overcome and this result in tragedy at the end. One of the main characteristics of this relationship is the intense and passionate love that exists between the two characters. Romeo and Juliet meet at the Caplet ball and instantly fall in love and are married the next day.

They are completely voted to each other and this is demonstrated when Romeo sneaks into the Caplet garden to express his love for Juliet It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Juliet even quotes but be sworn my love, and Ill no longer be a Caplet showing that she will fore go her family to be with Romeo. Yet the relationship is also characterized by the hasty and rash decision making of the lovers. Their decision making is clouded by their love for each other, for example Romeo sneaking into the Caplet garden is very dangerous and the rush in which they get married isn’t really necessary.

Furthermore Juliet is hasty in going through with the Friars plan and when Romeo hears the news of her death he rushes to kill himself in the Caplet vault. Although these actions show the undying love the characters have for each other their judgment adds to their tragic downfall. The relationship between Romeo and Juliet is also dominated by fate as by the end of the play you are left with the feeling that Romeo and Juliet were simply unlucky in love. Although they make some rash decisions which affect events, thing s simply conspire to go against them throughout the play give examples.

The setting of the play has an influence on this relationship as the feud between the families is ultimately the issue that leads to the tragic events at the end. Go into detail about the feud and how it affects the relationship What are the key points you would need to focus on (Act 3 Scene 1 , Juliet being ordered to marry Paris is very important context, banishment of Romeo) A character who has a very important influence on the relationship is Friar Laurence. The Friar is the one character who the lovers confide in throughout the play.

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