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Romeo and Juliet: Stage Directing

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The ‘Balcony Scene’ takes place outside in the Caplet’s garden at night time. For the set, want a backdrop Of the midnight blue sky with the beaming moon and millions of twinkling stars. A glass door should open which would lead Juliet to the balcony. The balcony will be placed at the centre of a tiered stage, therefore the actors would have no difficulty moving. Trees and hedges would be placed surrounding the balcony at the background and left middle ground.

The main characters of this scene are of course, Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo and Juliet: Stage Directing
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Juliet old be at the balcony, day dreaming about Romeo. While Romeo would first be hiding in the trees, watching Juliet. Juliet would be leaning on the balcony, she looks up at the moon, she would speak loudly and in soliloquy she reveals her undying love for Romeo, “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name; or, if thou will not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Caplet.

” As she speaks, Romeo, hiding is in the trees, trying to hear what Juliet is saying , he would slowly reveal his presence.

Romeo would be in a .NET position, as he does not want to get caught by a Caplet guard but still trying to approach Juliet. Romeo will then climb up the balcony to see Juliet and declare his undying love for her. Gullet’s facial expression is that of longing, waiting for her true love to come. She sighs because she knows that their love is forbidden and there would be severe consequences once their families uncover the truth. Romeo on the adherent, a loving smile would be plastered on his face as he looks up and sees Juliet, talking about him.

He does not care if he gets caught at that moment, when he sees Juliet. He is determined to get close to her, to tell her how he truly feels. As for costumes, the setting is during the night, Juliet would be wearing her pajamas which would consist of shorts and a buttoned up pajama top. Her long brown tied up in a top knot bun, there would be no trace of makeup on her face. Want to add a more modern feel to staging this scene therefore I would have Juliet wearing white silk pajamas with orange hemming as in the film orange was her family’s color and also, Shakespeare set this play in

Venice, Italy so I assume they would have hotter nights there. The Capsules seem to be quite a wealthy family, therefore I think Juliet has grown up privileged and would be interested in fashion. Her pajamas would be made from the finest silk. Whereas for Romeo, he would wear a tuxedo as he just came from the Capsules party, which would have been a black tie event today, in my view. He would wear a sleek, exquisitely tailored, black suit, a simple white shirt underneath, along with a matching black bow tie. His debonair suit would be paired with shiny coal black shoes.

His hair combed back and gelled, with a few loose strands as he was hiding In the trees. For the ‘Balcony Scene’ I want to keep the sound effect simple yet effective. Only the sound of crickets chirping and an owls hoot can be heard. A gentle breeze can be felt. Want the audiences attention on the couple, therefore I think little sound is needed for this scene. Lastly, as for the lighting, warm, glowing spotlights will be shone on the main characters, Romeo and Juliet. This is to create a romantic effect. The moon and stars will also be shining.

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