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Romeo and Juliet text response

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Friar Lawrence was the man who gave the potion of seaming death to Juliet, but when we look more into depth that was not his only fault, It was Friar Lawrence?s fault for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet as he had prematurely married the couple after just a day of meeting each other as well as not telling Romeo about the Lana to fake Juliet death, on top of this if he had told both families about the marriage rather than keeping it a secret, he would not have been at fault of the death of five lives.

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Romeo and Juliet text response
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Friar Lawrence married the young couple after only a day Of meeting each other with no consent from either Of the teenagers’ parents, even though he had good intent to join the Caplet and the opposing Montague family’s to end the war between them, he went the wrong way about doing so. He may not only have been the cause for Romeo and Gullet’s deaths, but also that of Mercuric and Table.

Marrying a teenage couple after just one day of knowing each other is one thing but not only that, Romeos prior love for Rosalie had ended when he met Juliet, which to any sane man would show that he was obviously immature in relation to feeling and emotion. Juliet being only 13 years old was also immature and as well as only just starting puberty, such as having easily fallen in ‘love’ with Romeo after just met him, she has not yet experienced a lot of what the outside world has to offer as she is sheltered by her father lord Caplet, so when the outside oral found its way into her life (Romeo) she immediately fell in love with it and him.

Furthermore it was again Friar Lawrence fault for devising a plan in which Romeo had no knowledge of, in giving Juliet a portion of seaming death. Friar Lawrence devised a plan to get Juliet to Romeo in mantra so they could live together in peace away from their family’s war as well as the proposed marriage of Juliet and Paris.

When Juliet goes to the friar for help, he decides the only way to do so was to fake the death of Juliet and get a fellow brother f the church to bring the news to Romeo via mall; she was reported dead to Romeo but he had not received the letter due to the Friars brother being contained in an ‘outbreak house’, which would not have happened if he had have involved Romeo in the plan or delivered the letter himself. Similarly, if Friar Lawrence had not kept the marriage a secret he could have prevented the deaths of five characters, including Romeo, Juliet, lady Montague, Mercuric and Table.

In saying this he would not have known if this news would calm or inflame the hate between the families. If Friar Lawrence had not kept this secret from the families the first novo deaths being that of Mercuric and Table, would not have occurred. If the Capsules had known of the two families’ are joined by marriage, Table would not have attacked Mercuric in the streets of Verona and Romeo would not have been exiled for killing Table, and if Romeo had not have killed Table, he would not have been excelled and lady Montague would have not died of a broken heart.

Lastly are Romeo and Juliet, the two young lovers that died due to the fault in Friar Lawrence plans, if the friar had not have kept the marriage a secret he would not have had to devise a plan to fake the death of Juliet and sneak her out of Verona, In conclusion, the deaths of Romeo and Juliet are ultimately at fault of friar Lawrence, if he had not have married a premature couple within a day of meeting each other knowing that Romeo easily falls In love, and Juliet a thirteen year old girl who has led a sheltered life without expensing the outside world, he would not have got into this atrocious situation.

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