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Summary of Romeo and Juliet



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    Romeo and Juliet begins with Romeo speaking of Rosalie, she has rejected his love for her and this disheartens him because he is “Out of her favor where am in love”. In an attempt to cheer up Romeo, Benevolent and Mercuric take Romeo to the Caplet party. At the party Romeo and Juliet meet each other and fall madly in love with each other. The audience can see that Romeo has a deep and sincere love for Juliet by the way he describes her: “O, speak again, bright angel! For thou art/As glorious to this.

    As well, the audience is able to understand Juliet love for Romeo when she states she will refuse her name as a Caplet n order to be with him: Or if thou wilt not… I’ll no longer be a Capsule'(2. 2. 35-36). Given these circumstances, Romeo and Juliet act irrationally in order to preserve their love for each other. Actions of the Caplet house hold plays part in the tragic end of Juliet and Romeo. To begin with, Table tries to fight Romeo but Romeo will not fight Table because he is Juliet cousin; Mercuric then steps in Romeos defense however, Table kills Mercuric.

    These events lead to Romeos banishment from Verona. Lord Caplet believes Juliet is upset over the death of Table because she Im/d her kinsman Table dearly”. In order to keep his daughter happy Lord Caplet moves Gullet’s wedding to a sooner date. When Juliet hears of this, she says that she does not wish to marry Paris; this infuriates her father who says that she is To go to Saint Peters Church,/ Or will drag thee on a hurdle thither… “.

    Juliet then turns to the nurse for advice but the nurse is not able to help and tells Juliet to consider Romeo dead. The actions of the Caplet’s lead to the events that cause Romeo and Gullet’s lamentable end. With Juliet not receiving support from her family or the nurse, she reaches UT to Friar Lawrence for help. Friar Lawrence agrees to help Juliet because she threatens him with suicide: “If in thy wisdom thou cants give no help… With this knife I’ll help it presently”.

    He gives Juliet a potion that will put her to sleep, but make it seem like she is dead, so she does not have to marry Paris. He then sends out a letter to Romeo so he is aware of the plan. When Juliet takes the potion, the plan begins and everyone believes that she is dead, including Romeo. To Romeos disastrous, he does not receive the letter and goes to see dead Juliet in her tomb. At Gullet’s tomb Romeo takes soon kills himself in order to be with Juliet in the afterlife “Here’s to my love! / O true apothecary! ‘ Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I did?’. Friar Lawrence comes back to Gullet’s tomb to see a dead Paris and Romeo, as well as Juliet waking up. He tells her that he must leave because people are coming, Juliet then tells Friar to go and proceeds to kill herself with a dagger after seeing Romeo dead. If Romeo had known about Julies plan then him and Juliet would be alive. As well, Friar Lawrence should have stopped Gullet’s suicide by getting her to leave with him. Fifth circumstances in this situation were different then Romeo and Juliet would not have suffered their tragic ending.

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