Who is to Blame for the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

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Romeo and Juliet is a calamity about two star crossed lovers whose love can non apart them from their two feuding households.

In this essay I will province who or what are responsible for their deceases, the chief subject of the narrative is hatred and destiny.

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First I must present the two households because their attitude of hatred is responsible for the deceases chiefly because if they hadn? T quarrelled so possibly Romeo and Juliet wouldn? Ts have got married in secret.

Resulting in the feud all the members perpetuated the feud this is illustrated by Tybalt from the Capulet household, Juliet’s cousin, he started the battle that resulted in Romeo acquiring banished and he was ever doing problem.

He more than any one else in the narrative kept hatred alive between the two households because of his force.

I besides blame Lord and Lady Capulet, Juliet’s parents because they should hold paid more attending to Juliet’s wants when she refused to get married Paris.

At first they threatened to throw her out onto the streets as in Act three Scene 5 Capulet says to Juliet? Thursday is near laic manus on bosom and you be mine, Ill give you to my friend, and you to be non, bent, beg, starve, dice in the streets. ?

Lady Capulet besides put her girl in the attention of the Nurse who raised Juliet as her alternate girl.

The Nurse being a tattletale out spoken individual was besides responsible for the decease of Juliet.

She ne’er acknowledged that possibly Juliet wasn? t ready for this huge measure in her life from an on spectator defender.

In Act two-Scene four the Nurse warns Romeo to be true to Juliet and she explains there is another adult male after her Paris she compares the two.

She says to Romeo that her Juliet is sweet? good sir my kept woman is sweetest lady, Godhead O there is a baronial adult male in town Paris. ?

She encouraged Juliet in her love affair with Romeo because the action of her being a informer oral cavity is that she carried the messages of a secret meeting of where she knew that they where traveling to pass a dark of passion together in Act three Scene two she says to Juliet? hie to your chamber Ill find Romeo to soothe you hark ye, your Romeo will be here all dark?

She advised Juliet to get married Paris, cognizing she was already married to Romeo.

I besides blame Friar Lawrence who was the individual that took these freshly met lubricious kids into their matrimony, since Romeo and Juliet where two kids were married so shortly and at a immature age this made them unable to do they? re ain determinations.

This statement can be proved about Romeo because when he was banished he bellowed like a babe the Nurse had to do immature Romeo act like a adult male merely to believe of Juliet alternatively of himself.

The chief ground for Friar Lawrence’s determination to get married the two is incorrect is because he thought this might assist to do the two households stop contending in Act two Scenes six Friar Lawrence says, ? boulder clay holy church incorporate two in one? .

In the terminal this was proven to be the motive for the two kids killing themselves he besides gave Juliet the kiping potion Act four Scene one? take this phial, being in bed and this distilled spirits drink thou off? .

Now I must present The Prince swayer of Verona where the narrative is set.

The Prince had the power to move

to halt the feud between the two households.

It was unjustified of him to direct Romeo off from Verona as a penalty for killing Tybalt when the combat was Tybalt`s ain mistake for killing Mercutio in Act three Scene three he says? hence from Verona art 1000 banished: taking thy portion, hath rushd aside the jurisprudence and turn`d that black word into ostracism? .

Mercutio had an influence on Romeo because of his friend ship, Mercutio`s attitude to the wrangles and contending made the state of affairs worse.

He saw the feud as a game and that attitude led him to his decease and Romeo’s ostracism.

Even though I am faulting certain people for the tragic deceases of Romeo and Juliet I have to see that Romeo and Juliet had an affect on there ain destinies.

First, I will fault Romeo because he acted excessively hurriedly throughout the narrative and he was a romancer because the gap of the narrative he was in love with Rosoline so he fell for Juliet.

He shouldn? Ts have asked Juliet to get married him so all of a sudden, and he should hold thought more carefully before hotfooting back to Verona after hearing of Juliet’s decease.

He besides acted violently and without believing when he killed Tybalt in retaliation and so subsequently the violent death of Paris.

Now I will explicate why I think Juliet was responsible for her ain decease Juliet of decease and Romeo’s decease to, I think she shouldn? Ts have deceived and disobeyed her parents.

Like Romeo, she was excessively rash in hotfooting into matrimony.

She knew she was already engaged to get married Paris at the clip of the ball when she foremost met Romeo and until so she was really happy with her parent’s pick of Paris a affluent unmarried man.

Before my decision can be stated I will hold to present what I think are the chief grounds for the deceases, which is destiny.

Destiny seemed to command their lives and coerce them together, going the ultimate commanding power in this drama even if it is non recognised nevertheless in the prologue there is a chosen individuality of starts? a brace star-crossed lovers? .

A big portion of the beliefs for both Romeo and Juliet involved destiny, they believed in the stars and that their actions were non ever at that place ain, Romeo for illustration scene 1 act 4 says? some effect yet hanging in the stars? .by some despicable forfeit of ill-timed decease. But hath the steerage over my class direct canvas? .

He is merely stating to his friends he had a dream, which lead him to believe that he will decease immature because of something in the stars, something that will go on.

The lone case of destiny managed to direct Romeo into its web like a spider.

There is another case of strong destiny where an nonreader retainer of the Capulets was sent to ask for people to the ball ; in Act one Scene two? I can ne’er happen what names I must to be learned? , Romeo saw this list with Rosalines name on it, which got Romeo and his friends to the ball.

When he got to the ball Romeo was memorised by Juliet, and she was merely memorised by him.

They subsequently realise their individuality, but they are in love and won? t allow their names get in the manner of their strong emotions.

If fate didn? T put them together so what or who did?

What are the opportunities of all that go oning a million to one so that’s why I have come to my decision that the chief ground for what is to fault for the tragic deceases of Romeo and Juliet is the destiny.

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