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Romeo and Juliet: Zeffirelli vs. Luhrman

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The setting ND the clothes were much more like they would have been in that time period. In Allurement’s, the Montage’s were wearing modern Hawaiian shirts. Also, Gregory and Sampson (Caplet servants) are walking through a town square, whereas in Allurement’s both houses are driving around in cars. In airman’s the fight takes place at a gas station, which obviously didn’t exist. Also, the servants of each house are the ones that start the fight, which was accurate.

Then Benevolent attempts to stop the fight (“Part fools!

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Romeo and Juliet: Zeffirelli vs. Luhrman
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Put up your words” ACTA , scene 1, lines 65 & 66), and Table gets it started once again. Although the dialogue started later, it was also much more accurate than Allurement’s- Most of it was exactly how Shakespeare wrote it in the book. Also, the Montage’s and the Capsules fought with swords, whereas in Allurement’s they fought with guns and somebody got shot in the head. Ziegfeld does a great job making Table that antagonist, like Shakespeare did, and making both families at fault for the fight starting.

Allurement clearly add the Caplet’s the aggressors.

Although Ziegfeld’s version of Romeo and Juliet was more accurate, Allurement’s was much more entertaining. Allurement did a perfect job using western music and slow-mom’s to create a dramatic effect and keep you on the edge of your seat. This also foreshadowed a showdown between the two when you saw their cars pull into the opposite sides of the gas station. The gun scene was much more intense than the sword fight between the Caplet’s and Montage’s in Ziegfeld’s version. The Allurement’s was much ore fast-paced and action packed. Let like I couldn’t stop watching for a second or I would miss something important. Whereas in Ziegfeld’s version, felt that I could turn away and not miss anything because it was much slower. Also liked the symbolism in Loran’s, such as the “Add more fuel to your fire” banner being shown just before the entire station is sent up in flames. Think that Allurement’s version best represents the essential question, “does emotion affect reason? ” I think this because the entire fight started after a armless joke (biting the thumb).

Not only that, but the let it turn into a dangerous gunfight. Also, the fact that they pulled into a gas station and went to opposite sides shows how much they hate each other and how immature they are. Both families let their hatred and bitterness cloud their judgment and reasoning. If they had thought it through, the Capsules should have let the joke slide and walked away from it. But they let their emotions get the best of them, and a member of the Montague family ends of shot in the head and killed.

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Romeo and Juliet: Zeffirelli vs. Luhrman. (2018, Mar 17). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/romeo-and-juliet-zeffirelli-vs-luhrman/

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