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Green and Clean Inc. Is a lawn care corporation headquartered at 11 Seventh Street, Pelham, NY 1 0803 in a 100 square foot office. We offer a series of lawn development and upkeep programs devoting attentions to every aspect of turf grass culture. These include lawn maintenance, landscaping, composting, lawn aeration, irrigation services, water saving programs, spot reseeding, total lawn renovation, soil testing, disease control, De-thatching, grub control, and lime application. All our products and services are positioned at the high end of the market in terms quality, and the mid to small scale end in terms of size and price.

What sets us apart from other businesses is we are 100% customer service oriented. Green and Clean Inc. Will provide residential lawn care and maintenance services which include lawn cutting, edging and trimming. Optional services will be available upon customers’ requests. The service is typically offered once a week, but we can create a custom schedule for clients if they have beginning of the season projects, or if the weather alters their lawn care needs. Disease control as well as grub control also forms a part of our primary services offered.

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Different plans are available for different categories of customers. Some homeowners may wish to use fertilizer, but no herbicides or insecticides applied to their lawns. Some like to apply fertilizer themselves, but would rather have a lawn care service apply the appropriate controls for weed, insect, or disease problems. Therefore we offer flexibility in our servicing, thus catering to all service requirements of the customer. We also provide corrective applications as a free service if the customer is not satisfied. Green and Clean Inc. S a residential lawn care arrive targeting rural as well as urban middle-class homes with small to mid size yards, too small for the classic landscaping truck with multiple workers. We will target the New Rockwell area, specifically Southern New Rockwell, Pelham Manor, and Pelham. Many of our target homes in this area are currently contracting large landscaping companies for their small yards (confirmed by the company logo on the pesticide warning signs on the lawns) and would undoubtedly be relieved to find a less expensive alternative more suited towards their needs.

Green and Clean Inc. Will be structured as a emitted liability corporation (LLC) for liability reasons and because we will employ many young workers. Since we do not expect to pay any single employee over $600 a week, we do not expect to file 1099 forms. We will use a variety of marketing materials from brochures to business cards and newspaper ads. Our source of labor will be largely young students over the age of 1 8 who reside in or near the New Rockwell Area. We will also purchase additional equipment as and when needed in accordance to the demands of our company.

As this is a business with largely seasonal profits, we will use he high summer revenues to support the business through the winter’s leaner months. We will have a modest profit in the first year, but will expect high profits in the second fiscal year. Our goal in the first year of operation is to create a service-based company whose primary goal is to exceed customers’ expectations, obtain contracts for yard service in at least 30 different residential homes, and Develop a sustainable business, being maintained by its own cash flow.

We will aim to increase our number of clients served by each year. Our business will succeed through the implementation of the following: Excellent customer service skills, commitment to high qualify’ and professionalism in every task and encounter, and our small size, allowing for direct management oversight of every project and employee. Our corporation has capable personnel that promptly and courteously answers all customer queries -Not only does it ooze words of benevolence but also fulfills its claims.

Some companies hire people with no previous experience or educational background in lawn care, pesticide application or horticulture, but all our personal is qualified and licensed to horology understand all grass culture practices. All efforts are made to satisfy the customer. Corrective applications are provided if the customer is not satisfied. Organization culture allows free and healthy interaction between customer and the organization’s employees. This is done to ensure a happy and ever widening customer base.

Green and Clean Inc. Ethical conditions As per our ethical practices we provide a complete refund if we fall short of the promised services. We not only provide educational seminars to lawn owners but also seasonal information on proper lawn care. We understand the difference between legal right to do and right thing to do keeping room for altruism We intend to seek mutually beneficial and enduring relationships in all commitments we make, ensuring that they are straightforward and honest.

Hence our communication will be open and accurate both internally as well as externally. We will rely initially on our knowledge Of the local community and top-quality landscaping skills. Initial outreach will involve direct canvassing of the neighborhood. This will be supplemented by ads, showing properties we have worked on, and brochures stuttered throughout the local area. We will also rely on word of mouth, so part of our strategy is to treat every job as if it were the most important client we have ever had.

Phone calls will be returned promptly, services will be done professionally and on time, and customers will be treated with respect. Our competitive edges will be our high quality work and unflagging professionalism. We will employ a cash method of accounting as opposed to accrual. This will provide a safe basis on which financial decisions can be made. Only the cash at had will be considered. Income will not be counted until cash or an alternate form of payment is received.

Likewise, expenses will not be counted until they are financially incurred. A bank account with Bank of America will be opened for the business’s use. During the first summer, we will do all of the lawn care and other work with help of 8 to 12 employees. As the company expands, we will expand our staff accordingly. We will always work as a team, allowing for direct supervision of all workers and direct involvement with the job at hand, to ensure that our customers receive the gig quality they expect.

Our second competitive edge is professionalism. In our business, this means returning customer inquiries promptly, showing up on time, bringing all necessary equipment, reserving breaks for times away from the customers’ yards, and cleaning up thoroughly after ourselves when we leave. To facilitate communication, we will have a cell phone at all times, where we can be reached directly or receive messages if we are in the middle of a job. All of these sound like simple things, but they will help us stand out from the local competition.

Our marketing strategy in the first year relies largely on face-to-face contact with customers, and word-of-mouth from satisfied clients. In the second year, we will place more ads, and in different papers (such as local town papers), as well as try to generate more word-of- mouth from our customers. In the start-up period we will set up a small home based office, and purchase the necessary lawn care equipment. We will also spend some time, especially on weekends, going around the neighborhood to scout out problem lawns and talk to potential customers.

After breaking wrought the initial start up phase, our challenge will be to effectively communicate experience and skills in lawn care and related work. We will bring a portfolio of some of the nicest lawns we have worked on in the past, and photos of our own lawn, which is more similar to the ones in the neighborhood. We will also be willing to offer a free estimate and cutting for those that are interested in a possible contract. Although some of the free cuttings will not turn out to be long-term customers, our competitive prices and superior service will turn most of the leads into lifelong clientele.

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