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Samsung Introduction

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Information technology and information system’s impact on many industries, one of the industries is IT appliances industry. We choose Samsung Electronics Co. as our topic in this industry. Samsung has been dedicated to create a better world for over 70 years through various businesses. Today, Samsung extent advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels and so on. Samsung now is the global market leader in high technology electronics manufacturing as well as digital media.

Also, this company is a responsible global citizen, a multi-faceted family of companies and an ethical business.

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Samsung Introduction
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Samsung Electronics’ vision for the new decade is “Inspire the World, Create the Future. ” This has reflects its commitment to inspiring its communities by leveraging Samsung’s three main strengths which are New Technology, Innovative Products and Create Solutions. This vision also set for the purpose of promoting new value for Samsung core networks which are Industry, Partner, and Employee. Samsung begin in 1938 which founded in Korea.

In 1969, Samsung Sanyo established and one year later, it started to produce Black-and-White TV.

In 1974, they started to produce washing machine and refrigerator and after five years, they began mass production of microwave ovens. In March 1975, Samsung-Sanyo renamed Samsung Electro-Mechanics and merged with Samsung Electronics in 1977. In 1977, Samsung started to export their product such as colour television to different countries. Samsung then continue to produce air conditioners and personal computer (PC). In 1991, the development of mobile phone handset completed. One year after, Samsung began manufacturing in China. It completed the world’s first 64M DRAM, 250MB hard disc drive and mobile phone system.

In 1994, Samsung created the world’s first four-power zoom camera and 256M DRAM, introduced the world’s first 33”double screen TV, completed 1G DRAM and develop world’s fastest Central Processing Unit (CPU). In 1997, Samsung had signed a contract to become an Olympic Partner in wireless equipment category for Nagano Winter Olympic. Samsung also developed world’s first 128MB Synchronous DRAM and 128MB flash memory, began mass production of world’s first digital TV and developed Smartphone. In 2000, Samsung Electronics form a strategic alliance with Yahoo! and also launched PDA phone.

One year later, Samsung ranked No. 1 of world’s Top 100 IT Companies by Businessweek. In 2002, Samsung has developed the largest digital TV monitor in the world and the slimmest PDP-TV in the world and colour mobile phones. Samsung brand is getting popular and ranked 25th in the world Interbrand, 5th on the “Most Admired Electronics Company” list released by the Fortune Magazine. In 2004, Samsung developed the world’s first 60-nano 8GB NAND Flash memory chip, ranked top in mobile phone sales in Russia, developed 3rd Generation Optical Blu-Ray Disc Recorder and cellular phone chip for satellite DMB system.

Samsung then became the official sponsor of Chelsea, a football club. In 2006, Samsung developed the world’s first real double-sided LCD and launched a vacuum cleaner with the world’s lowest level of noises. Then, Samsung became No. 1 worldwide market share position for TVs achieved for the 7th quarter in a row, and attained No. 1 worldwide market share position for LCD for the 6th year in a row. In 2009, Samsung had received many award such as LCD TV Market Leadership Award and Quality Management Award in Malaysia, entered top 10 list in the world’s top 100 global brands, and became No. in the US digital TV market for the 4th consecutive year. Then, Samsung released the “Gorgio Armani” smart phone. Samsung has focuses on four major activities which are digital media, semiconductor, telecommunication network and LCD digital appliances. Digital media business includes computer devices such as laptop computers, consumer entertainment devices such as MP3 players, digital displays such as television, and home appliances such as microwave ovens and refrigerator.

Next, semiconductor business includes semiconductor chips such as Blu-Ray Disc and storage devices such as hard disk drives. For telecommunication network business, it includes cellular devices such as mobile phones and so on. Another business is LCD which focuses on the panels for laptops and televisions. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Samsung_Electronics http://www. samsung. com/my/aboutsamsung/corporateprofile/history. html http://www. samsung. com/my/aboutsamsung/corporateprofile/index. html

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