SWOT analysis of Samsung Mobile in China

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StrengthsFailings- Six Sigma’s Quality Control- Product Design of Fashion and Beauty- Advanced Technology and Innovative Capability- Peculiar Strategy to Attract Talent- Excellent International Brand Image-Operating scheme is conservative, and there is supplier deficit -Low part rate to the low-end consumer market-Rely to a great extent on Android System, there is instability factor.

OpportunitiesMenaces- With promotion of digital engineering, there is tremendous room for commercial development – Huge Potential for Development of Smart-phone market

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– Apple has become Samsung’s strong rival at the high-end, popular mobile phone market – In the mid-to-low monetary value scope market, there is Nokia

Strengths:1. The first of Samsung Mobile’s strengths prevarications in Six Sigma Production, Which is as follows: a. Stressing on using grassroots and front line workers for quality control maps b. Stressing on beef uping the early phases of production direction ; Focus on phases of merchandise design, production of samples and accommodation of merchandise c. Paying attending to uninterrupted and stable production of goods to guarantee quality d. Using QCC methods to better quality

e. Utilizing quality control instruction for employees

2. The 2nd strength is in Samsung’s merchandise design that combines Personalized outside with humanized design. Along with its advanced characteristics, Samsung’s sleek designs have made Samsung nomadic devices a popular pick among the multitudes. Samsung’s tactic of doing bigger screens for its smartphone devices, peculiarly the Galaxy Note series, has been a large portion of its success in distinguishing the trade name from its rivals. The large shrieks have become voguish and appealing.

3. Samsung’s lead in engineering and invention comprise its 3rd strength

a. Leading the digital merger revolution – Digital CompanyB. Subsidizing nomadic operating platforms, self-application ( AP ) processors, and screens

4. Samsung’s 4th strength lies in its scheme to pull the world’s best endowment.

a. Attracting genius endowments through alone endowmentsB. Making public service activities required classs for staff

c. Implementing calling preparation for employeesd. Using four rules to find salary – importance of occupation station, societal individuality, comparing to original wage, and creative activity of value

5. Samsung’s 5th strength lies in its trade name image.

Samsung is named as top lifting trade name by Inter trade name and is the 9th most valuable trade name with value about $ 33 billion. It has risen by 40 % from 2011 to 2012. Samsung has been able to transform its trade name image from a “value for money” trade name to an advanced leader that “cares for everybody.” Samsung has tried its best to construct a contrast between its biggest rivals Apple as a “self-centered brand” versus itself, a trade name that cares for everybody. For illustration, a recent ad for the Samsung Galaxy S3 shows images of married twosomes and households with childs, in an effort to pull a broader audience with mottos like “designed for worlds, inspired by nature.”


1. The first failing lies in Samsung’s runing scheme. Samsung does non desire to set up concern relationships with many providers, and this is one of the grounds why Samsung’s development is restricted. Even though Samsung defends this by stating that it is better able to protect its rational belongingss this manner, in current time’s environment with ferocious competition, companies with more providers are more competitory. Therefore, Samsung needs to be more flexible in the company’s runing schemes.

2. Another of Samsung’s failings besides lies in non aiming low-end consumer market. Samsung focal point on merchandise manner, so the monetary value is comparatively high. And Working in the WiBro ( Wireless Broadband entree service ) and DMB ( Digital Multimedia Broadcasting ) market, but return on investing rhythm is long.

3. Samsung’s trust on the Android operating system ( OS ) is another failing. Android phones are highly customizable and they give you the freedom to experiment to your heart’s desire. One inevitable side consequence of this freedom, nevertheless, is that sometimes your phone encounters a job or two. Maybe it won’t boot or maybe it indiscriminately shuts down. Possibly you lost a critical file and now some characteristics won’t work.

Opportunities:1. The first chance is that with promotion of digital engineering, there is tremendous room for commercial development. a. In the digital age – the age of electronic information – there are two major stars: nomadic phones and the Internet B. With the coming of the digital age, consumers desire high quality of nomadic phone merchandises c. Chinese communicating consumers develops quickly

2. Samsung besides has an chance in the smart phone market’s development potency. a. The release of Apple iPhones began the moving ridge of smart-phones B. In the nomadic Internet age, every big nomadic phone maker and operator has promoted and popularized mid-to-low monetary value scope smart-phones. China is taking the reaching of the epoch of smartphone rating.

Menaces:1. The first menace to Samsung is – Apple has become Samsung’s strong rival at the high-end, popular mobile phone market Apple’s cell phone has a high-end and popular image, and portions high similarity with Samsung. Therefore, more than the mid and low-end markets, Samsung experiences a greater impact from Apple’s competition at the high-end market. Sing nomadic phone merchandises of different smart-phone monetary value scopes, Apple attracts greater user involvement and has more merchandise fight than Samsung, despite the larger Numberss of Samsung nomadic phones on the market. This is related to Apple’s unprecedented trade name entreaty and affiliated operator support force.

2. The 2nd menace to Samsung is -In the mid-to-low monetary value scope market, there is Nokia a. Harmonizing to statistics, Nokia had attracted a larger sum of user involvement than Samsung at the mid-to-low terminal Mobile phone market, in both the overall and smart-phone market. b. Nokia’s nomadic phone market portion relies largely relies on the mid/low-end nomadic merchandises. In the past two old ages, with Nokia’s diminution on the nomadic phone, peculiarly high-end smart-phone market. c. The mid/low-end market has become the last sector of the market where Nokia has a lead. Nokia of course will non disregard this.

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