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Leroy Page’s Story of “Satchel”

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Leroy “Satchel” Paige acquired his name because he carried bags and satchels for riders at the Union Station in Mobile. Alabama. Satchel was a celebrated African American forced to play in his ain conference. separate from Whites. Satchel received his repute because he was a natural born jock. He live up to his repute because at 19 old ages old he could throw a spin ball and do that ball go slow or merely do the ball be where of all time he wanted it to be.

In 1924. Satchel was selected to play professional baseball.

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Leroy Page’s Story of “Satchel”
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But he was non allowed to play in the major-league baseball. for the white conferences. because during those times. black African Americans were non allowed to play. Therefore Satchel played for the Negro Leagues. For 17 old ages Satchel played with the Negro Leagues and he and his friends went on to do names from themselves like his friend. Josh Gibson. who nick name was “the black Babe Ruth.

” The people ever crowed the ball games to see Satchel and Gibson, their fans loved them.

Satchel got married in 1941. and wanted to remain place with his household. but baseball was his game and he could non remain off from the game. He went on to play for the City Monarchs and led his squad to the Negro World Series. In that game. Satchel played against his best friend Josh Gibson. This was Satchels clip to demo the conference that was the best ball participant out of him and his friend Gibson. When his friend came up to the base to bat. Satchel work stoppage him and said subsequently. ”Nobody of all time hits Satchel’s heater. and cipher of all time will. “

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