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    LeRoy Karas seemed to be a immature adult male who had a hereafter in athleticss stemming from his athletic abilities and physical physique which lead to a scholarship in football. His surpassing personality and good expressions made him popular with the ladies and on the party scene. He was besides favored by his parents over his twelvemonth younger brother Elroy. After come ining college on a scholarship. LeRoy spent more clip separating than analyzing and he became more dependent on intoxicant and lost his scholarship. Soon after he dropped out of college he met his first married woman. she became pregnant. they married and after 2 more kids they divorced after 7 old ages of a bad opprobrious matrimony due to LeRoys imbibing. His ego destructive behavior lead to another bastard kid and another broken matrimony after 6 old ages which yielded 2 more kids.

    LeRoy’s intoxicant dependence lead to low paying. bluish collar places of which at foremost he found chumminess amongst his fellow workers. His increased intoxicant ingestion lead to weight addition and the beginning of wellness issues which caused him to free a occupation in the building field. Legal issues ensued about the same clip with respects to child support. and he sn was resolved to imbibing entirely for even his imbibing brothers were tired of his behaviour. At age 61 it was discovered that LeRoy had cirrhosis of the liver and a signifier of emphysema. yet he continued to imbibe and smoke. His imbibing finally take to a autumn at age 64 which caused a skull break ensuing in a 3 1/2 month infirmary stay where he berated the staff. fell into a depression and had suicidal idealisations.

    Based on my Ecomap of LeRoy’s life the strongest influences on him were intoxicant which abruptly circuited his positive energy flow from sports. Although early on his athleticss and societal life were driving influences in his life. his thrust to imbibe superseded any and all facets of him. He lacked societal and personal duties which were a direct contemplation of his alcohol addiction and his strongest influences for the unimpeachable behaviour driven by his disease outweighed the the positive influences.

    LeRoy is now at 64 is in in-between maturity but is transitioning into his late maturity where his biological capablenesss would hold been reduced on their ain but now exacerbated by his chronic alcohol addiction. At this age his societal duties would be increasing yet his societal accomplishments and circles of friends and households are non existent. Harmonizing to Levinson’s life construction. LeRoy will be forced in this passage period of his life to confront reappraisal of the relationships and constructions that have been built or destroyed and will confront the demand to research his options or either to travel frontward and seek to mend the harm he has caused or happen an flight path through self-destruction. Harmonizing to Eric Erikson’s theory of psychological development LeRoy suffered from individuality confusion in adolescence showing itself in continued adolescent behaviour. ill thought out actions in his life style with kid like behaviours that lead him to hedge moving as a responsible grownup. Harmonizing to Erickson LeRoy in come ining into phase 8 which is unity versus desperation. where he will be reflecting on his life and accepting the picks he has made. LeRoy is presently missing generativity and has become self-involved in himself and his demands with neglect for others. He has no thrust is non a productive member of society.

    If I would be working with LeRoy I would hold the bias of the alcohol addiction that he suffers from for I to am an alcoholic. I have been in recovery for three old ages. but I would be able to associate to some of the hurting and torment he might be experiencing. I am colored toward athleticss every bit good for I was so athletic and a professional at such. although my alcohol addiction did non consequence that portion of my life. I would state him from my ain experiences that it is ne’er excessively late to alter. but to accept the things you can non. and that it takes much bravery to seek to alter the things that you are able to. I would promote him to seek the way of recovery. spiritually now and with support groups. since the physical dependence has wavered for the fact that he had been in the infirmary and without intoxicant presumably for 3 1/2 months. I would besides promote a reconnection with his brother who has a stable life and still maintain in contact with if merely through birthday cards. but that’s a start.

    In footings of my ain behaviour I would larn that holding a great support system environing me was the key to my soberness. Without support from friends. household. medical and societal organisations such as A. A. And rehabilitation systems a individual can non contend an dependence entirely. I would necessitate to reexamine the moralss developed by the NOHS fr the personal indicants with sharing the same dependence. would although offer incite to the issues with the client. I would necessitate to be careful about traversing the line and sharing excessively much personal information as it applies. A 3rd individual idiom would necessitate to be established. taking out the me and I. and give voicing my aid on what can assist him from what I have learned. I am of course per se motivated so I feel highly thankful when I am able to offer aid to anyone. particularly with a life and decease state of affairs. I have learned a batch from other people in personal experiences that I have assisted from assorted things. and I have learned that I am non the lone 1 with issues and jobs. and leting other to assist when they can should be welcomed and non viewed as a signifier of charity or a load.


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