Schools Should Not Be Permitted to Sell Unhealthy Foods

My topic is “schools should not be permitted to sell unhealthy foods. ” Everybody from teachers to parents over the years have been trying to stop junk food from taking over the tuck shops at schools and polluting students’ bodies with food that lacks the essential vitamins and other important nutritional value that all students need to do well in school. I agree strongly with the fact that junk food should be banned in school tuck shops, but I do have a few points in the favour of not banning junk food completely from tuck shops at schools.

I have many reasons why I believe junk food should not be allowed to be sold at schools. My main point is the fact that students go to school to get an education and to be prepared for the future after school, so if at school students are packing their bodies full of non nutritional foods and sugary treats, students are going to have decreased concentration and an decreased ability to thrive in tests and exams as junk food that contains lots of sugar and fat takes longer for the body to digest and turn into useful nutrients and energy.

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Junk food also uses up more blood and energy that could be used to help students achieve in school. Also if students have unhealthy diets throughout their school careers, what are they going to do when they leave school? They are going to eat more junk food as it has become part of their lifestyle at a young age and this will in turn make people live unhealthy and potentially health risking lifestyles. Eating junk food also increases the chance of people getting obese and developing other health problems such as diabetes and heart problems.

This is because junk food is typically ready- to-eat foods that contain high levels of saturated fats, salt, or sugar, and little or no fruit, vegetables, or dietary fibre. On the other hand I believe that not all junk food should be banned as in the end it is up to people to make their own decisions about what they put into their bodies and if they want some junk food they should be allowed to have some. Junk food can also be part of a healthy diet in moderation.

Junk food is also seen as a source of income for schools, as contracts with coke and other companies increase the schools revenue. I disagree with this point as junk food might increase the schools revenue but the school should not compromise students’ health for financial gain. Stopping junk food at schools also won’t stop people from consuming junk food, as they will still eat it before and after school. This statement does make sense, but stopping junk food at schools will stop learners getting so used to junk food and could decrease the amount of junk food they consume after school.

I therefore believe that schools should change their tuck shop menus and serve healthier foods such as whole wheat sandwiches, healthy homemade snacks and healthy fruit drinks. I believe tuck shops should still have some junk food, so learners can have some treats in moderation. So in conclusion I believe schools should not completely ban junk food, but should provide healthy alternatives for the learners to choose from.

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