Sending Parents to the Old Folks Home

We often said that our kids are growing up - Sending Parents to the Old Folks Home introduction. But has anyone ever realize that our parents are growing old every single day? Can you remember the last time you actually hug your parents or bring them out for a proper dinner outside? Some of us may still do that. But definitely not all of us. Some people may even forget when was the last time they actually visited their parents. Children that abandon their parents are called jerks, or maybe you can call them bastards. Any bad names that you give them, they deserve it. Abandoning your parents is A CHOICE, not a mistake.

That’s why you should not blame anyone for your own fault. Don’t give people stupid reasons like ‘Oh, i’m busy with my job. How am i going to take care of my parents? ‘. If so, your parents can choose to say ‘ I’m busy with my job, how am i going to take care of my kids? ‘ and just send you to the orphanage. But did they do that? No. In fact, taking care of a baby is way harder than taking care of an elderly people. Baby poop and cry almost all the time but they still bare with you. And you, if you are busy with your job, can’t you just hire a maid to take care of your parents?

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Is it that hard? If your husband or your wife refuse to to let you bring your parents along when they are sick and need to be taken care of, then just dump your husband/wife! You have to remember that you only have ONE mother and ONE father whereas husband/wife you can get it anytime. Of course, i am not asking you to cheat on them. Just leave them! People who doesnt know how to take care of your parents, won’t take care of you when you are old. And think twice before you send them to the old folk’s home. Maybe one day, your kids will treat you the same way like how you treat your parents.

Some people who become rich when they grow up will sometimes send their parents to the old folks home because they think that their parents are useless and will embarrass them. No, this is not how it should be. A good parents won’t expect you to take care of them. But it is YOUR JOB to take care of them when they need to be taken care of, or even when they don’t need to be taken care of. You don’t know how many years more they will live, so don’t regret it when they are no longer alive. However, people often misunderstand the situation where people are forced to send their parents to the old folks home.

This is exceptional. They might be too sick to take care of their parents. Of course, not sick as in ‘tired’ or ‘fever’. The sick i mean is, maybe they get a fatal disease ? Or maybe they themselves is paralyze ? Or maybe you’re mentally retarded? If so, you won’t be reading this. If you can read this and understand it, THEN HELL NO. YOU ARE NOT RETARDED. You just act like you’re retarded. This can be the reasons for you to send you parents to the old folks home so they can get a better life there rather than getting heartache for seeing you so sick.

Other than that, i can’t think of any reason of why you should send your parents to the old folks home. Even if you were to send your parents to the old folks home, there is no reason for you to not visit them. If you can’t get off your bed, you should ask someone to bring them home on special occasions and NOT leaving them there all alone on Chinese New Year, Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, New Year and so on. If you refuse to visit them, no matter what, you will be considered as a child who abandons parents.

Of course, taking care of your parents MUST NOT be because of their wealth. Some of the people out there take care of their parents ALL because of the money they own. Come on, your parents never even claim any money for taking care of you for few decades. Why the fuck do you need to take your parents money? In fact, if you deserve it, they will eventually give it to you. There is no need to be a professional actor in front of them. Remember, your parents take care of you when you are young. When you grow up, it is your turn to take care of them!

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