Should Lawbreaker Sending to Prison

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Each country has its own laws to control the public safety especially who had violates the law. Nowadays, public are arguing that the law breakers should sent to prison. However, there is also better alternative way for those who are first time offenders. The advantage of sending the entire law breaker into prison is to punish them on their mistake which had done. Besides that, it is also teach them a lesson and alert to the public that punishment to be taken once someone had against the law.

For example, the criminal such as raping a women or a girl where the victim are badly harmed on physically and mentally. Those criminal should sent to prison in order to get punishment on their criminal and also alert to public. In addition, prison not only uses to punish the law breaker but also as rehabilitate the law breaker. They will try to help an inmate which has higher chance for reentering the society upon release. This is because some of the law breakers are usually lack of education and unable to get survive by them and happen criminal such as roped and stole.

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Moreover, sending the law breakers to the prison will make the public become more safety and also reduce the criminal rate in society. Recently, the criminals of killing person are very serious in our society. If the individual do not receive prison time, the repeated crime will grows exponentially. Besides that, all law breakers commit crimes of the different degree of seriousness. For serious criminal such as killing someone purposely will not only sending to prison but also will treat as death penalty.

Therefore, punishment to be taken according to the seriousness of the person had done against the legal law. Moreover, age of the law breaker will also be one of the concerns in taking penalty. Teenager below age 18 years old which had done criminal will send to formatter instead of prison as they are as adult yet and do not have enough education in doing correct things. Future of the teenager is very important although they had against the law but still giving them a chance to change in order to reentering the society in future.

A better alternative way for the first time offenders is sending them to serve community services instead of prison. By building and managing the prison is a heavy financial burden to the government if there is more and more law breaker and the food supply is also part of the expenses which bear from government. It will be cost effective if requesting the first time offender with minor crime to do community service in order to reduce the strains on the government.

For criminal such as vandalism should be punish to serve community service until certain hours in order to serve back to the community and society. Community service such as painting the building and playground will improve the image of community as well. Moreover, the offenders may assign the helps those needed such as old folk homes and orphanage. This is a situation where both sides are helped. The program allows the lawbreakers to provide free labor to local non- refit organization. It is a system where program coordinator and participating agencies consider a good form of punishment.

The lawbreakers will also feel that they are helping others and become positive in their life. It is also a good chance for them to tint their interest matching Witt the needs tot agencies. In my opinion, sending the law breaker to prison and community services will have their advantages which subject to the seriousness of the criminal cases. No matter how is the punishment, the law breakers are also human which should get respect from the public. It need to be implement adequate step for the good of public.

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