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Quinn McMahon, the manager of a McDonald’s restaurant, is aiming to create a marketing strategy that caters to the needs of the senior citizens who frequent her establishment. She also seeks further suggestions to enhance her overall marketing mix. Neglecting senior citizens would be unwise, as they represent 13 percent of the population and possess significant purchasing power (Perrault, Cannon and McCarthy, 2009, p. 140).

However, it is important not to overlook the younger generation as heavy users of chain restaurants. According to Negrete (2008), individuals born after 1980 make up about 25 percent of restaurant visits to burger franchises and 12 percent to pizza restaurants. If Quinn solely concentrates on targeting senior citizens, it could hinder the future growth of the restaurant she manages. Thus, Quinn should postpone the Bingo concept indefinitely and instead promote her store to both younger and older customers.

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If Quinn chooses to solely target seniors, she may encounter marketing difficulties. Many companies prefer customers who continue to make purchases rather than just lingering around and talking for long periods of time. Quinn should aim to maintain a steady stream of paying customers throughout the day. It is crucial for Quinn to clearly define her store’s target audience, aligning it with the ideal client model of McDonald’s. The needs, desired benefits, attitudes, motivation, and even the process of choosing certain products all vary depending on the purchasing situation.

According to Perrault, Cannon, and McCarthy (2009), different purchase situations may require different marketing mixes, even when targeting the same market. Quinn should consider this when deciding on her marketing activities. By integrating both her younger and older target audiences, she can enhance the customer experience and improve the restaurant’s image. Here are some suggestions to integrate both target audiences into the marketing mix:

Product: Quinn should provide prompt, accurate, friendly service and a consistent product to address the concerns of older customers. To attract younger consumers, she can offer a late night menu since they tend to graze throughout the day and night (Negrete, 2008).

Place: Quinn should create a comfortable ambiance that allows older customers to focus on their dining experience and connect with friends and family.

For younger consumers, a separate section should be provided that has a more living-room-like atmosphere. In Saratoga Springs, Utah, a McDonald’s prototype showcases a sage-green color scheme, upholstered booths, a stone fireplace, and lounge chairs. Quinn should also consider altering the background music of the establishment when she wants to cater to a younger crowd (Negrete, 2008). The shift in volume and tempo of the background music can serve as a subtle yet meaningful indication to customers about the change in the restaurant’s clientele ambiance.

Price – Quinn should implement a structured pricing strategy that offers discounted rates for seniors and younger customers during specific time periods. For example, older customers could receive discounted rates in the morning, while younger customers could benefit from discounts in the afternoon.
Promotion – To attract cost-conscious older customers, Quinn should consider utilizing coupons, specials, and other promotional offers. For the tech-savvy younger generation, promotions could be targeted through text messaging and email channels (Negrete, 2008).
Additional Recommendations – According to an interview with M., there are further recommendations to be considered.

Lawrence Light, McDonald’s global chief marketing officer, believes that their advertising theme, “I’m lovin’ it” appeals to all audiences. According to Light, there has been a shift in consumer mentality from wanting to be normal to wanting to be special. McDonald’s corporate website states that they actively participate in serving the community in various ways. Therefore, Quinn should continue to engage in activities that are supported by McDonald’s headquarters and align with their brand image.

Quinn can participate in various ways to support her local community and charitable organizations. She can assist with local scholarships for high school seniors, support Camp Mickey D’s which helps high school students transition into the workplace, and host one of the series of All American High School Basketball games that help raise money for the Ronald McDonald Charities. In addition, Quinn should consider enrolling for a mentoring program for franchise owners that is offered by the corporate headquarters. This program will help her incorporate some of these initiatives into her own business.


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