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Sephora Company Research Paper Sample

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  • Pages 10
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    Sephora is a Gallic trade name and the biggest cosmetics retail merchant in the universe. In 1969. Dominique Mandonnaud built the first Sephora shop in Gallic Limoges. He chose an open-sell environment to sell his cosmetics. In his shop. clients could see a wholly different shopping journey like sing and researching a beautiful cosmetics free land. His particular merchandising theoretical account was really popular in that clip. and so he opened twosome of concatenation shops. Until now. Sephora still retains this utile and comfy merchandising theoretical account in shops. In 1994. the cosmetics shop used “Sephora” as its name. “Sephora” came from the Grecian word “sephos” which means beauty and “Zipporah” which from Moses’ fancify wife’s name in the bible. This name is wholly fiting the store’s mission statement. In 1997. Sephora became a portion of Gallic pudding stone LVMH ( Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy ) . Currently. Sephora has about 1. 300 shops spread 27 states in the universe. It provides different sorts of merchandises range from skin attention goods. aroma. to hair attention and do up points. (1) As a beauty industry. Sephora’s missions is to present superior merchandises. to do people attractive and beautiful. to make value and to do important difference in beauty industry. ( 2 ) 4p’s implement

    MerchandiseSephora chooses to sell multiple trade names and covering different sorts of merchandises

    such as make up. tegument attention. aroma. bath/body. hair. tools/ accoutrements. They besides sell men’s merchandises. These trade names include Sephora’s ain brand—Sephora aggregation and other trade names from different companies around the universe such as DIOR. YSL. BENEFIT. and ORIGINS etc. Multiple trade names can make different types customers’ demands. In other side. Sephora has a particular merchandise that is beauty and voguish service. For illustration. clients can acquire professional make-up. have hair styled and making nail manicure and pedicure in Sephora’s shop. Besides clients can acquire the information about the new tendency in current clip. such as new tendency for nail and make-up merchandises.

    Through utilizing these services. Sephora has more opportunities to cut down the competition in the beauty market. ( 3 ) Particular shopping experience is Sephora’s another successful portion. Sephora provides a batch of merchandises for client seeking freely. including makeup points. clambering attention points. and nailing points. and aromas. This is a smart selling attack ; it can assist Sephora catch more possible clients. Especial for beauty merchandises. clients need to touch and experience them straight. Sometimes. clients went to the shop merely walking about. but if they tried some merchandises on occasion. they might purchase it. In long clip. it will convey more and more clients back and buying in the shop. Furthermore. Sephora’s fresh and sole shopping experiences non merely make sum of value for the company. but besides turn outing a batch of benefits for the clients. Topographic point

    Sephora uses multiple channels to run shops. The first channel is physical shop. Generally. Sephora was opened in the shopping promenade or metropolitan countries. because most promenade and metropolitan countries have a batch of pes traffic. such as Sephora physical shop on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan NY where a immense figure of tourers sing. There is a study about the first Sephora shop in downtown Manhattan said it did $ 10 million in gross revenues at first twelvemonth of operation. ( 4 ) . In 2006. Sephora chose to corporate with JC Penney and operated some mini store in certain locations of JC Penny. Until 2010. Sephora opened 161 store-in-store locations that conveying $ 1 billion in gross revenues. ( 5 ) The 2nd channel is on-line shop. In 1999. Sephora built the first on-line beauty website- sephora. com supplying comprehensive beauty merchandises and customers’ feedbacks. When clients seeking the merchandises online. they besides can acquire some information about the merchandises from other users. It is a utile and practical manner to assist clients taking merchandises.

    The 3rd channel is Sephora app in iPhone and iPad. With iPhone and ipad are so popular in our life ; Sephora besides provides a Sephora application for clients downloading in iPhone and iPad. Customers can utilize the application to shop beauty merchandise. cognize the new tendency and look into their order anytime and anyplace. Presently. you besides can download your VIB member card in your iPhone bankbook. so when you go to Sephora. you merely necessitate to demo member card through your phone. it is really convenient. The 4th channel is utilizing automatic peddling machines. There is a study showed automatic peddling machines sold Sephora’s top 50 merchandises from 2006 to 2010. Presently. their effectivity is being assessed. ( 6 ) Promotion

    Sephora uses chirrup. Facebook. Bi-weekly electronic mails and web site to acquire publicity and impact customers’ heads. Facebook and chirrup are two really popular societal webs. In Facebook. there are 4. 531. 995 like Sephora. 75. 981 speaking about this. Besides in chirrup. Sephora has 290. 000 followings. All these informations from the two networks’ web site. Sephora updates their sites with day-to-day tips. new merchandises. voguish merchandises and other beauty information every twenty-four hours. Besides people will give their feedback. remarks about Sephora’s merchandises. Customers can use this helpful information to cognize more about Sephora and built more trueness for this company. In other facet. Sephora uses Bi-weakly electronic mail to advance. These email context including new merchandises. in-store particular events. sale proclamation. VIB member events and peculiar vouchers. Actually. when I get this electronic mail from Sephora. I will travel to the web site and state my friends some particular events. Beauty Inside Loyalty plan is another publicity for Sephora.

    This member card is free for all clients and clients can acquire vouchers. price reductions and points after they passing the certain money at Sephora. for case. clients can have on free deluxe-size merchandise after they spend $ 100 at Sephora. Customers besides can update to the Very Important Beauty Inside card after the card making to $ 350 benchmark. I am the VIB member for Sephora and I can acquire every point from my each purchase. When the points reach the certain sum. so I can acquire some free merchandises. Besides I got the 20 % off price reduction during the Thanksgiving ; it is truly deserving to shop in that clip in Sephora. Additionally. Sephora has some publicity on the online shop. for illustration. when customers’ orders over $ 50. they can acquire free transportation ; clients can acquire free return ; sometimes clients besides can acquire free samples with every order. All these effectual publicities increase Sephora’s presence for clients. Monetary value

    Sephora is non merely concentrate on the high degree clients who can purchase expensive beauty merchandises such as Chanel. Dior. YSL. it besides targets some other degrees clients who can purchase moderate or cheaper merchandises. I will take mascara as an illustration. If you choose Sephora aggregation mascara. it merely cost $ 12 ; but if you choose YSL epicurean mascara. it costs $ 30. or you can take some moderate monetary value mascara like MAKE UP FOR EVER that costs $ 23. Assorted monetary values can make different clients. Besides when clients shopping in Sephora. they can compare the same merchandises in different monetary value. it is valuable to cognize which mascara they should purchase. Although high monetary value with high quality. sometimes clients do non necessitate pass more money if they can merely utilize lower monetary value merchandises to make their demands. In add-on. Sephora besides provides mini bundle of some merchandises for clients going or utilizing temporarily. and the monetary value cut down to half of the original monetary value or more. For illustration. benefit mascara has two types. mini mascara cost $ 10. the original mascara cost $ 23. If clients want to go or desire some portable mascara. it is a better pick. Therefore. different monetary values range aid clients doing intelligent buying determinations. SWOT ANALYSIS

    StrengthsThe first strength for Sephora is multiple trade names merchandises. Customers can choose most merchandises when they go to Sephora shops ; it is really convenient and assisting clients salvaging clip. Besides multiple trade names and monetary value option can pull different levels’ clients. In add-on. Sephora’s private label brand—Sephora aggregation is another strength. This aggregation carries high quality merchandises like make up. tegument attention. aroma. tools/accessories and hair attention. and the monetary value is low-cost for most clients. There is a information showed Sephora collection’ gross revenues sum occupied 10 per centum of the entire sum. ( 7 ) The 2nd strength for Sephora is peculiar ego and freely service in the shop. In Sephora shop. clients can bask comfy buying experiences ; for illustration. they can prove any merchandises and compare them by themselves. and so take what they truly want.

    This experience is merely in Sephora. because in other shop you should inquire the assistant’s aid before you want to seek some merchandises. Actually. Sephora utilizing this particular ego and freely service to alleviate customers’ shopping force per unit area. because sometimes clients will experience force per unit area if they did non purchase the merchandises after the sales representative assisting them proving the merchandises in most other shop. If company wants to catch more and more trueness clients. giving clients comfy and relaxed shopping experiences is necessary. Additionally. if clients need some aid or suggestions about any beauty merchandises or gifts for your friends. households. there are some experts can give you some utile suggestions and assist you to do better determination to purchase the worthy and utile merchandises. In other facet. Sephora will roll up customers’ shopping wonts through the web site. the member card. Then Sephora utilizing these information to acquire publicity for some specific market and clients. in order to acquire more effectual mark market. Weakness

    Although Sephora has plentifulness of strengths. there are still some failings existed. First. Sephora merely uses Internet to advance their merchandises. like Facebook. chirrup. electronic mail and web site. so they will lose print advertizement and telecasting clients. Second. most Sephora shops was operated in metropolitan countries. so they will lose the suburban clients. In America. suburban occupants have a immense per centum. if Sephora shops merely in metropolitan countries. the suburban occupants will miss of the trade name acknowledgment for Sephora which a factor to restrict the size of clients. Opportunities

    Sephora started to open shops in the suburban territories such as the Trumbull promenade in Connecticut. it is an chance to increase the suburban part clients. Nowadays. green and organic merchandises become a tendency in most countries. plentifulness of companies started to bring forth and sell the green and organic merchandises. Sephora besides can transport some green and organic cosmetics merchandises in shops. In other facet. Sephora continues to open the 30 shops per twelvemonth in different states. which will convey a batch of international concern. for case. Sephora has already operated 121 shops in China. ( 1 )

    Additionally. Sephora started to sell men’s merchandise that is another possible market. Harmonizing to some informations from research showed four out of 10 work forces will utilize face wash and skin lotion. moreover. some work forces started utilizing decorative merchandises in their day-to-day life. In add-on. demographics alteration is a new chance for Sephora. A study mentioned from 2005 to 2015. the sum of the adult females whose age is 18 and over 18 will increase. and this is a possible market for Sephora. Women whose age between 45 and 64 addition to involvement in the Sephora merchandises to do them look good. ( 8 ) In America. minority populations increased that is another chance for Sephora. like Asiatic. American Indians. African Americans and Hispanics have strong purchasing power. Collaborating with other companies such as JC Penny is besides an chance to increase the trade name acknowledgments and new clients. Menaces

    The first menace is rivals. There is other cosmetics retail merchants which sale the same merchandises. such as Nordstrom. Meier & A ; Frank. Victoria’s Secret and Bath & A ; Body works/ Body Shop. Customers can purchase the same merchandises in either these shops. Personal merchandising likes Avon. Mary Kay that can be considered as another menace for Sephora. Promotion competition is another menace for Sephora. Different retail merchant will take assorted publicities to appeal clients. such as price reductions. vouchers. and some free samples. If clients want to purchase some merchandises that provided among these retail merchants. they might take one retail merchant. which has more benefits publicity for them. So Sephora will confront some dainties under this circumstance. Decision and recommendation

    Overall. Sephora has done good in most parts like merchandises. topographic point and publicity and monetary value. but at that place do still be familiar retail merchants. so the competition can non alleviate. In order to confronting the competitions. Sephora has found some methods for deciding jobs. such as corporate with other company. utilizing different publicities. Additionally. there are some ideas for Sephora. seeking to happen out some advanced attacks in service that might convey new opportunities to better on. First. Sephora can take to corporate with some interior decorators to plan the bundle of its provide label cosmetics aggregation. Customers ever be attract some new and stylish material. Second. Sephora can make something invention on its packaging bag. For illustration. they can utilize four seasons’ subjects and certain famous person yearss to adorn their packaging bag. Every season and famous person twenty-four hours utilize particular bags that can show alone clip. After shopping in Sephora. each client brings the peculiar bags walking about in the street or promenade. and it must catch people’s eyes. Through this attack besides can increase people’s trade name acknowledgment for Sephora. In other portion. Sephora can alter paper bag to recycle bag. which is a green merchandises for the environment. Actually. Sephora will give free recycle bags in some certain clip at certain shop. they should widen it to each shop. so people can recycle the bag. It is truly good for the environment.


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