Set Up and Closing of a Kitchen

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The unit supports all of the procedures required for the setting up and closing down of a kitchen, as well as the reasons for implementing procedures. Considerations/ Notes It is important to set up and close the kitchen properly for a variety of reasons; security fuel efficiency to minimise the risk of fire to minimise the risk of accidents and potential hazards 1. Know howto set up the kitchen 1.

Explain why knives and utensils must be handled correctly Always consider your own health and safety and know how to hold utensils so you are protected if you do accidently trip or fall. Think about the task you are undertaking and why it is important to use the right tool for the job. Explain why knives and utensils must be handled correctly. Because it is very easy to slip with a knife and cut yourself or others around you. It is very easy to burn yourself if the wrong utensil is used depending on your task. You could fall or slip if you’re not holding the equipment correctly. o 1. State to whom incidents must be reported All accidents need to be reported to designated staff members responsible for health and safety. You can find out who they are by looking at different posters and signs on the wall. It is your responsibility to report any risks, injuries or possible occurrences under health and safety law. Who would you need to report incidents to? To Head Chef or Sous Chef. 1. 3 State why incidents must be recorded Incidents must be reported to appropriate staff members responsible for health and safety. This is a legal requirement.

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Why should all incidents, ncluding near misses, be reported? So the business has proof of every accident so they can’t get sued or fined for not having them. So if someone has hurt themselves it’s in the books of what has happened and how bad it was. 1. 4 Explain why faulty equipment and maintenance requirements must be reported Any faulty equipment and any issues surrounding portable appliance testing need to be kept on top of and dealt with immediately to safeguard all employees. Some equipment such as ovens and high powered machinery can only be serviced by manufacturers or approved technicians.

There will be labels on appliances to indicate where this is the case. Why do you need to report faulty equipment and maintenance requirements? so others don’t use themand hurt themselves or others in the kitchen. So all memebers of staff are protected. And so that they can order new items if needed too. 2. Know how to close the kitchen 2. 1 Explain why it is important to turn off equipment safely It is important to turn off all power sources and equipment to safeguard people around you. In addition any equipment left on consumes valuable resources such as electricity.

Explain when you are closing the kitchen why you have to turn Off any equipment or appliances. To prevent the risk of fire and hurting others in the building. 2. 2 Explain why tools should be cleaned and stored following use After use all tools and equipment used for service must always be cleaned thoroughly and put away in their designated place. This is to ensure the items are available and ready for service next time round and to ensure all round safety and hygiene. Why do tools need to be cleaned and stored after use? To prevent cross contamination of old food to new.

So chefs aren’t waiting for items to be cleaned which would slowdown service. To make surethere is nothing in the way of chefs cooking for their and others safety. 2. 3 State the legal requirements for the storage of food when the kitchen is closed The law states that most food should not be stored between 5-630C however there are exceptions such as for dry goods. In catering, this is called the danger zone. This should be avoided to prevent bacteria multiplying. In the table below, list what temperature you should hold hot and cold food at Holding Temperature (oc) Hot food 75’C Cold food 65’C+ . State who problems should be reported to Any problems that you have in closing the kitchen should be reported to the designated supervisor, team leader or manager. Examples of problems that can occur are breakages, stock issues or pest infestations. Always contact your immediate manager if you come across any problems. Who would you report problems to when closing the kitchen? The head chef, if not in the Sous Chef team leader or manager of the hotel. Learner name Kelly Hatfield Learner registration number Lifetime Training Centre name/number Assessor/tutor name Your job role (if applicable)

Main organisation (This will either be the organisation the Learner is employed by or, if the Learner is not currently employed within the Hospitality or Catering Sector an organisation they are familiar with. ) Village Hotel Sh riley UNIT SIGN OFF K. M. Hatfield 12/01/2015 Learner signature Date confirm that the answers given within this workbook are my own work Assessor/tutor signature confirm that the evidence in this workbook has been assessed against the assessment criteria for this unit and has been judged for validity, authenticity, currency, reliability and sufficiency.

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