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Sexy and the Third and Final Continent

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Miranda and Dev’s affair is unique. Even though they are having an illicit relationship, they still manage to go out of the and do things that normal couples do. On page 90, they go to the movies together, they kiss in public, they pick a painting for her bedroom. Because of the distance between Dev’s wife and Miranda, they can feel more comfortable to go outside and be a normal couple. This is partly why Miranda does not feel as guilty about having an affair with a married man.

The distance between her and Dev’s wife is so far that Miranda can almost feel as if Dev’s wife does not exist.

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Sexy and the Third and Final Continent
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However, that same day, Dev tells her something carnal and sexual in a situation that makes her feel embarrassed and distant, and yet flattered, much like a real mistress. On page 91, Dev and Miranda are on a glass bridge. He tells her that if he whispered something from thirty feet away, she could hear it clearly as if he were next to her.

Miranda does not believe him, so he walks away and whispers low: “’You’re sexy. ’” The distance between them on the bridge represents the distance between them in their relationship. They will never have a normal relationship, one where they know everything about each other and get married and have kids.

Yet, when he whispered, “’you’re sexy’” she felt as though he was close. She could hear his words next to her and they make her feel as though she is the only person in his life. Later, she is babysitting a little boy named Rohin. Rohin is the son of a woman who has recently been dealing with her husband having an affair. On page 107, Rohin tells Miranda that she is sexy. She asks Rohin what he thinks sexy means. He says, “…it means loving someone you don’t know…that’s what my father did, he sat next to someone he didn’t know, someone sexy, and now he loves her instead of my mother. This scene shifts Miranda’s perspective of their affair. She sees that when Dev called her sexy, he really told her that he does not love her; he loves the idea of her. He loves this over-sexualized, romantic idea of Miranda. To him, she is the mysterious, seductive mistress. Miranda realizes in this moment that he will never know who she truly is, he will know her as the shadowy temptress. He fell in love with her because he “[did not] know” her. If he left his wife and they ended up together, he would know who she truly was, just another ordinary woman. The mystery about her would disappear and he would not love her anymore.

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