Sexy and the Third and Final Continent Analysis

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Miranda and Dev’s affair is unique in that even though they are engaged in an illicit relationship, they still manage to partake in typical activities that regular couples do. On page 90, they attend the cinema together, engage in public displays of affection, and select a painting for Miranda’s bedroom. Due to the geographical separation between Dev’s wife and Miranda, they feel more at ease venturing outside and behaving like a conventional couple. This is partially why Miranda does not bear as much guilt for her involvement with a married man as she might otherwise. The physical distance between her and Dev’s wife is so significant that Miranda can almost mentally disregard her existence.

On page 91 of the book, Dev and Miranda are on a glass bridge. Dev shares with her something sensual and intimate that makes her feel both embarrassed and distant, yet flattered, similar to the emotions experienced by a real mistress. He claims that if he whispered something from a distance of thirty feet, she would be able to hear it as clearly as if he were standing right next to her. Initially skeptical, Miranda doesn’t believe him, so Dev walks away and softly whispers, “You’re sexy.” The physical distance between them on the bridge symbolizes the emotional distance in their relationship. They will never have a conventional relationship where they fully understand each other and lead a traditional life together, raising a family.

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However, when he murmured, “you’re sexy,” it felt as though he was near. His words enveloped her, making her feel like the sole person in his life. Later, she finds herself babysitting a young boy named Rohin, whose mother is grappling with her husband’s affair. On page 107, Rohin unexpectedly declares that Miranda is sexy. Curious, Miranda probes Rohin about the meaning of this word. In response, he states, “…it means loving someone you don’t know…that’s what my father did, he sat next to someone he didn’t know, someone sexy, and now he loves her instead of my mother.” This interaction shifts Miranda’s perception of her affair with Dev. She realizes that when he called her sexy, he wasn’t confessing his love for her; rather, he loved the idea of her. He was infatuated with the sensationalized, romanticized version of Miranda. To him, she was a mysterious and alluring mistress. In this moment, Miranda comprehends that he will never truly know who she is; instead, he will only ever know her as a shadowy temptress. He fell in love with her precisely because he “[did not] know” her. If he were to leave his wife and they were to be together, the enigma surrounding Miranda would vanish and his adoration for her would cease.

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