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Sheppard v Maxwell

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  • Pages 2
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    The wife of Dr. Sam Sheppard(Marilyn Sheppard) was bludgeoned to death on July 4, 1954. She was found in the upstairs bedroom of her home in Bay Village, Ohio. The town mayor called the local police, Dr. Sheppards brother(also a doctor) and the next door neighbors. Local police advised the local coroner and the Cleveland Police Department. When the coroner arrived, he pronounced Marilyn Sheppard dead, examined Dr. Sheppard and took him to a clinic(run by Dr. Sheppard). Both Dr. Sheppard and the neighbors were investigated by Cleveland police. Dr. Sheppard was later interrogated while sedated in a hospital bed. He was also questioned with out the presence of his attorney. On July 7, the day of Marilyn Sheppards funeral, the Sheppard family refused immediate questioning and full cooperation. On July 8, Dr. Sheppard was served a subpoena and cooperated fully from that point on. The next day, he reenacted the evening of his wifes murder for the coroner(Dr. Gerber), the police, and news reporters(from which there was a detailed news casting). July 20, front page editorial that Sheppard was getting away with murder due to friendships, and hired lawyers. On July 26, Detective McArthur declared that the crime scene was tampered with. It was revealed to police that Dr. Sheppard had an extramarital affairs with a woman named Susan Hayes. He was finally arrested on July 30 at his fathers home, arraigned immediately and held over for a grand jury trial. August 17, Dr. Sheppard was indicted on the count of murder. He released a statement declaring his innocence the day after his indictment. His trial started two weeks before November General Elections. Chief Prosecutor was a candidate for judge, Judge Blythin(trial judge) was running for reelection. Jury selection started October 18, this was a highly publicized trial which lasted only nine weeks. Dr. Samuel Sheppard was found guilty of murder.


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