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Should college students have a part time job?

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It is true that, with the economic and social development, the number of students who work part time is increasing obviously. As a result, it has become one of the most controversial issues among us. Many students are wondering whether they should get part-time jobs or not. Some people hold the view that students can face certain challenges with a part time job.

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Should college students have a part time job?
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Meanwhile, others argue that working part time can bring students some benefits.

Yes, college student should have a part time job.
1. Learning time management

-Most of the students are having a lot of assignment, presentation, homework even coursework test have to prepare and complete. -They may think that having a part time job will cause them don’t have enough time to complete their works. -If students know how to balance and make effective use of time to work and study in the same time, their studies and part time job will not be affected.

2. Applying their knowledge got from college in their part time job

-Formal training at college only provides students with a basic background.

-It helps students learn more about responsibilities as well as real business challenges, which reinforces what they are learning at school. -It also help to learn how to stay organized, prioritize tasks and work efficiently. -They will probably pick up valuable skills through a job, like dealing problems with co-workers and get a good relationship with their boss.

3. Students can earn money for their own.

-Students may earn money in order to afford their expenses through part time jobs. -They may overcome their financial burdens during their studying time. -It can make their life easier and let them know the value of money. -Some students will no longer worry about their daily expenses such as food, bills or some entertainment fees.

4. Enhancing Self-confidence of students, behaving well and cooperating with others -Undergraduates works as part-timer are more confident than others when they start a job after graduation. -They will know that how to cooperate with others to complete a particular work. -It require them to learn on their own how to behave well towards other people if they want to survive in such a competitive place.

No, college student should not have a part time job.
1. Time management
– Most of the students need time to have a break, chat with friends or go shopping to relax instead of studying immediately after hard-working hours. – Many students often stay up late to finish their study, homework or assignment given.

2. We will not concentrate our brain to learn.
– When we try our best to do overtime our brain will be distracted. -After we complete our work and go home, we will feel exhausted, its reasons make our brain doesn’t absorb knowledge when teacher explain a lesson in the next morning.

3. Students’ health will be affected while dedicating to the part-time job. -It may risk their life while working in an insecure environment. -Some jobs start at the early morning and finish late. It means that learners are not able to care their health thoroughly. -Many jobs like hands-on jobs require special skills to avoid dangerous situation that may happen while working with, for example drilling machines. -It takes students’ time and energy to do their work carefully CONCLUSION

Generally, part-time jobs have advantages and disadvantages hidden behind. Be a college student who have a part time job in the same time does not significantly affect their studies. In a nutshell, student should or should not to have a part time job is based on their own ability. If student who can’t manage well to have a part time job, focus on study and don’t waste more time to try the matter which can’t afford.

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Should college students have a part time job?. (2016, Jun 29). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/should-college-students-have-a-part-time-job/

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