Should I Go to College

Buy one calculator, get one free! Fifty percent off binders! Every year, people walk into Staples, Office Depot, or other places hoping to get discounts or deals on school supplies. All the school supplies are a part of the education process. When most students are in high school, they can be dependent on their families. They do not have to worry about many things. After high school, most students attend a college. Some people wonder if college is a necessary step in their life. Moreover, there is no doubt that college is a critical investment of time and money. College is more than books and parties. The college experience can provide students with some valuable life lessons that are taught outside of the lectures and classes and labs.

Responsibility is one of the main lessons. College gives freedom from some of the control meaning parents or guardians. The independence teaches students about how to be accountable for their actions. For example, they have to wake themselves up for classes. Nobody is going to force them to go to classes or turn in his or her assignments on time. The discipline will help students obtain occupations because employers like to see their employees motivated for work. They like to know that their employees will stay on task without the need for constant supervision.

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The college experience teaches students to manage their time wisely and multi-task. Students have to set time aside to relax, so they do not get overwhelmed. They also have to make time for any activities they participate in and get their coursework done. Time-management will help them stay organized and maintain their schedule without getting overstressed. Multi-tasking requires students to prioritize their tasks and when necessary, switch gears. Students have to learn to prioritize their tasks and switch assignments quickly. In reality, this comes in handy. One minute the person is in “business mode,” and the next minute he or she is in “social mode.”

Budgeting is another important strategy that will be useful in the real life. In high school, students do not always realize the value of money. Some do, and some do not. Every student believes that they know what it takes to earn money, but the truth is they do not because they rely on their families. In college, most students get a job in order to pay for food or clothes. Having a job, whether it is small or big, helps in understanding how much work it takes to earn a few dollars. College students that budget will be one step forward in life because after they are old enough to support themselves, they will understand when to spend money and when not to. Learning how to budget in college will help make smarter financial decisions after college.

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