Should smacking be banned?

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The current law allows for “moderate and reasonable chastisement,” but exceeding these limits may lead to legal consequences. This reasoning is grounded on the belief that other disciplinary methods, such as sarcasm and withholding affection, can have a more harmful effect on a child’s well-being.

Parents have a responsibility for their children, as kids may not fully comprehend why certain behaviors are incorrect or why they can’t always obtain what they desire. While smacking, though regrettable, can serve as a necessary means to enforce rules; it can also be perceived as an act of violence. This is because children view their parents as role models and often perceive their actions as inherently right.

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Violence acceptance in a community is wrong. The complete eradication of violence would lead to the end of wars, saving lives, and potentially improving quality of life. I recognize that in situations where a child puts their hand in an electrical socket, a gentle slap may be deemed suitable. However, the main problem lies in the mistreatment of children by abusive parents. Numerous children endure harmful upbringings due to ignorant and abusive parents.

The act of smacking children as a means to prevent bullying and promote civility has been prohibited for professions that involve child care, such as teachers and nursery workers. However, this measure has had unintended negative consequences, including an increase in bullying, teachers leaving their profession, and even experiencing abuse themselves. Is it fair to criminalize well-intentioned parents who resort to a few smacks? This seems harsh considering smacking can protect children from bullies, prevent them from becoming bullies themselves, and impart valuable life lessons. Criminalizing smacking only diverts attention towards individuals who lightly discipline a child, rather than focusing on those actually perpetrating abuse.

Is this logic? No. What society truly needs are individuals with strong moral compasses. Smacking, in this context, acts as a means of discipline, which is essential for adequately preparing children for the challenges they will encounter in the world. Without discipline, there is a distinct possibility of anti-social teenagers emerging.

And remember, the parent is the boss. There are various alternative methods to teach a child that something is unacceptable without instilling fear or hatred in them. Such mistreatment can have detrimental emotional and psychological impact on a child. If parents resort to physical punishment, it conveys the message that children are allowed to reciprocate it.

If an adult assaults another adult, they could face severe penalties. However, it is deemed acceptable for parents to physically discipline their child, suggesting that adults are valued more than children. This notion is reinforced by the fact that as the government reduces the allowance for physical discipline, there is an increase in vandalism rates. Consequently, smacking children sets a negative example for society as a whole.

When determining whose perspective to seek, it is crucial to listen to those frequently silenced, such as individuals who have endured abuse and physical violence. It is improbable that anyone willingly seeks harm because violence typically stems from dislike or hostility. In the end, we only feel pain when our bodies detect a force with the capacity to inflict harm upon us. Personally, I believe that physical discipline can be acceptable if it does not result in enduring harm.

While my mother used to physically discipline my older sisters, she recognized its inappropriateness before I was born. Fortunately, I have never personally encountered any type of corporal punishment. However, I still endorse it because my sisters have been extremely supportive and helpful in every aspect of my life.

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