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Significance of the Aligarh Movement Essays

Topic: What is the significance of the Aligarh movement for the revival o the Muslims of the subcontinent and why Sir Syed Ahmed Khan advised the Muslims to avoid active politics. To understand the significance of the Aligarh movement let us have a glance at the background of the Aligarh Movement Background: Indian authority was shifted from the Muslim to the British hands, as a result of the failure of the War of independence. This great debacle shook the entire structure of South Asia’s, social and political life to the depth of its roots. This course of events gave birth to a person like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
Sir Syed stood by the side of the British during the “War of Independence” and saved the lives of many English men. In the changed circumstances Sir Syed believed, it was not a wise policy for the Muslims to adopt antagonistic attitude towards the new rulers of India and incur their anger. Sir Syed advised the Muslims to adopt a policy, acquire modern education, try to secure maximum government services and be loyal to the British government. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s Aligarh movement played a significant role in bringing about an intellectual revolution among the Indian Muslims.
His efforts earned him the title of “Prophet of Education” Objectives of Sir Syed’s efforts can be summed up in four points: ? To bring about conciliation among the Muslims and the British. ?To spread education among the Muslims, impart English language and learning and make the Muslims familiar with the British culture and way of life, without deviating their faith. ?To make the Muslims loyal subjects of the British government. ?To develop friendly and good neighborly relations between the Muslims and other Indian nations. ?To convince Muslims to refrain from active politics.

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