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Do Sylvia Plath’s poems have universal significance?

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Sylvia Plath is one of the famous poet, who writes confessional poetry by incorporating her traumatic experiences in her poem. Her poems, such as “Daddy” and “Lady Lazarus”, which explore the women’s relationships with men in general without any additions of any specific cultural values, therefore, the poems provide a universal definition and universal significance. Also the poems display the need for women to liberate themselves from repressive, which also has universal significance.

Sylvia Plath, in the poems, “Daddy” and “Lady Lazarus” displays the different relationships of a woman in her life, with various men, such as father and husband, in order for the poems to have universal significance.

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Do Sylvia Plath’s poems have universal significance?
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She uses metaphors and symbolism to shows the different types of relationships, women share with different men and how they impact their lives. An example of this is seen in “Daddy”, where she writes “Every woman adores a Fascist”, which display women as victims of men.Though the use of this metaphor, it is symbolised that women are the victims of Nazi men and they are presented as willing victims, therefore raising the question of how much women’s victimisation is their fault.

Similarly, “Lady Lazarus” conveys the message of death, resurrection and defeating enemies, as seen through the use of, “Out of the ash / I rise with my red hair / and I eat men like air”.Through this, it is proven that by the end of the poem, the persona has grown stronger, as seen through the use of imagery of resurrection, and then the persona declares that he/she has defeated all the men in his/her life. When this is put into context of the poet’s life, it is clearly seen that by the men in her life, she is describing, the doctors, who kept reviving her, the businessmen who sold her body to the crowd and perhaps her father. Due to the combination of messages of these poems as they both shows the different relationship with men, Sylvia Plath has shown, that her poetry has universal significance.

The poems both present a universal significance because they both shows that the need for women to liberate themselves from repressive relationship, which is an issue for women all around the world, therefore giving it an universal definition. In these poems, Plath has used similes, repetition, themes and symbolism to presents the audience with experiences of her lives, in order to, send messages to readers. In the poem, “Daddy”, she writes, “An engine, an engine/ Cuffing me off like a Jew. in order to display the image of confinement.

The speaker uses the imagery in addition with the comparison of herself with the Jew, due to the context of 1960’s, when the Jews were imprisoned in concentration camps during the Holocaust, therefore symbolising that her confinement due to her relationships, as supported by, “back shoe in which I have lived like a foot”, which implies that that she had been trapped by her relationship with her father, therefore displaying the needs to free yourself from suppressive relationships.This is also seen in, “Lady Lazarus”, where the persona says, ” My right foot/ A paper weight”, to express her feelings of confinement and need for freedom. This shows that she is confined by the archetypes that live in her, therefore making her feel trapped and feel the needs to liberate herself from repressive relationships. Although these poems contain various comparison with the Jews and Nazis, it still conveys a global message therefore having universal significance.

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