Similarities between a Job and a Career Comparison

Similarities between a Job and a Career Comparison Essay

It is generally seen in the world that people prefer a career rather than doing a single job for example in a factory. One might argue that a career in reality is a job nonetheless. However when we consider a factory job, its differences with a career job is prominent in the wage versus salary payment, monotonous similar work versus progressing different work.

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But on a much closer look both fields are eventually trying to attain monetary welfare for self and family. Consider me for example. I worked in a factory for over three years after I left my career as a secretary as I was paying me less. The $16 per hour rate at the factory was twice the amount I was getting as a secretary. Now I know that factory work is drudgery, but in the end what count is the money you make at the end of the day. Had the job as a secretary was paying me higher I would never have left that job. And this thinking makes sense too since we all work to earn money and we want he most we can.

Another similarity is found between a factory job and a career job in terms of the work done. For example a teacher or a doctor learn a certain skill and apply it to complete their work. Similarly in a job in the factory, a person learns skills related to his/her line. A worker in a textile factory may do a job in the looming area, or the design area etc. Thus the work done in both fields require learning and application. A career job requires an internship for a new employee while a factory job requires an apprenticeship before the job.

Both fields involve project works through the course of the job. A factory worker may be required to work in a project related to the development of materials ordered by a foreign company. In a career job as a doctor, some special project may require the doctor to go abroad to study and treat a new kind of problem. Thus both fields involve workings that are sometimes out of ordinary.

One last argument I would like to present is about self satisfaction is a job. A person needs to keep him/herself busy on some sort of work so that he or she is not bored. Job is considered to be place where a person also goes to pass time and learn new things. This passage of time and learning of new things takes place in any kind of job, be it a factory job or a career job. Which job a person chooses depends on the satisfaction one derives from it. For me working as a secretary gave me no satisfaction as I had always wanted to me involved in teaching. However when that didn’t materialize, I found solace and satisfaction in the factory work. However when I resumed my education, I wanted to do more with life thus I believe I can get more satisfaction out of a career job in the field of medicine then I would get in the factory work. Thus iterating my point, both factory job and career jobs are similar and it depends on self which provides the best opportunity at a certain time in life.

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