Sink or Swim – a Case for Employee Orientation

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The most important key difference regarding the first day of work for Jill and Ben is the Induction and orientation which basically happened with Jill in very professional manner with manager meeting her and making she familiar with her new office and by making comfortable with introducing to her colleagues. She was then provided with her proper schedule for next course of action followed by series of online orientation courses and making her known about company’s culture mission and consulting methodologies.

In case of Ben his manager didn’t came to meet her even on her very first day , he was not introduced to his colleagues and not even shown new office , the office was lacking supplies and computer . He was given large paperwork one very first day. His manager also gave him four large binders for project works. Ben’s manager also gave a list of 20 online orientation courses and asks to complete them within deadline. Answer to Question No. 2

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Yes, the above referred differences are very vital elements for recruitment and retention of employees because the employee first should be properly inducted and oriented in order to make them comfortable with work atmosphere, colleagues and should familiar with company’s culture and mission. They should feel company culture very healthy and atmosphere pleasant to work so as to retain long time with organization. Answer to Question No. 3 The human factors like feelings of anxiousness on very first day, isolation and discomfort that first day.

Others could share horror stories of alienation and embarrassment. These factors are very important because despite the time, energy and expense companies dedicate toward the recruiting, interviewing and hiring processes, too often they do little to introduce those hard-earned new hires to the company. Employers get one chance to make a first impression, so it is crucial that they seize the opportunity to make new employees feel comfortable and confident through a proactive orientation process.

The sooner new employees become oriented to a company’s culture, values and policies, and understand what is expected of them, the sooner they can begin to positively contribute to the organization’s operations and its bottom line. Research suggests that an effective on boarding process can accelerate an employee’s productivity and help to ensure that the employee stays with the company, thus decreasing the company’s total cost of turnover.

On the other hand, an ineffective or nonexistent on boarding process can cause a new employee to feel overwhelmed, undervalued and frustrated often resulting in the employee leaving the company within the first year. Answer to Question No. 4 The company in the second case or Ben’s company has got the responsibility for the outcomes of these scenarios because of non proper Human Resource practices like lack of proper orientation programs which has got consequences leads to loss of the organizations.

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