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Snap Shots of OLPER’S TVC

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    1- Advertisement Analysis TVC has covered three different types of families. At first TVC has shown complete family with joint family system, than TVC has shown family living in separate system. They have shown husband and wife with a kid. In third place TVC has shown a couple expecting a baby. At last TVC summarized the ad by showing all these three different families ending with a famous celebrity endorsement (Babra shareef). Below Consumer Behavior concepts are observed on this TVC of OLPER’S milk 1- Popular Culture TVC of OLPER’S milk has used famous celebrities.

    TVC has shown famous actors and model. In TVC Fawad Khan (Famous actor and singer), Sunita Marshal (Model) and Babar Shareef (Ever green actress) have been casted. 2- Relationship with OLPER’S In this TVC OLPER’s milk has tried to develop Love and Interdependence type of relationship with its consumers. In ad they have shown family who are taking milk in breakfast. After that they attached OLPER’S with birthday celebration, and then ad has shown husband offering milk to his pregnant wife showing trust and love with this product.

    3- USP (Unique Selling Point) Color: OLPER’S went with red as its color—a color far removed from the greens and blues that had become synonymous with packaged milk. The color also helped OLPER’S to enhance the in-store visibility and presence for OLPER’s packaged milk, and the brand was instantly disassociated from its competition. TVC ad has used red color the most. They have use red and white combination same as that of packaging which is the USP of OLPER’S. * All Purpose Milk: OLPER’S could be consumed with breakfast, blended with tea (arguably the most popular beverage for the masses in Pakistan), can be used for making desserts.

    TVC has clearly reflected that USP. Ad has shown that it can be used for making desserts, can be blended with tea or it can be taken as nutritious diet. 4- Musical Effects: In commercial of OLPER’S milk the brand has managed to create its own separate identity by using instrumental music which is very basic and close to the nature with instruments like sittar and tabla used to emphasizes the overall aura of a product which is close to nature and healthy. OLPER’s milk don’t sing out loud that we are very thick milk, the way Haleeb does, rather they have just used very basic yet catchy music which plays in back ground in commercial.

    TVC has used simple and classy tune of OLPER’s and the tag line called out loud i. e. “SUBHA BAKHAIR ZINDAGI”. 5- Attention: * Intensity: Pleasant sound with sittar and tabla and color scheme of Red and White has been used in this TVC which has great sensory impact on the audience. * Duration: Duration of TVC is short and they have successfully conveyed the message in that duration. * Discrimination: TVC has plainly shown the USP of OLPER’S i. e. all-purpose milk and color scheme. * Interruption: TVC has interruptions so that the attention of the audience remains in contact. – Celebrity Endorsement: In TVC three famous celebrities have been shown. OLPER’S has casted Sunita Marshal (famous model), Fawad khan (Actor and singer) and Babra sharif in this TVC. 7- Core Values/ Culture: In TVC they have shown happy families, bonded together with love and care. TVC has shown occasions which are worthy for us such as birthday celebration and couple expecting a baby. In nutshell TVC has reflected the true essences of our culture. OLPER’s Sensory Pyramid OLPER’s has done this well, their packaging and color combination is attracting and seems to be refreshing.

    They clearly give the sensory appeal to customer’s to use OLPER’s at every occasion and make your selves happy. OLPER’S advertisements are fascinating showing happy family starting their day with OLPER’s and joy. To enhance the brand it is important to give an extra feature to brand that reflect the brand, add distinction and differentiation from competitors Olpers has done it with its colors (red and white) while other brands have typical packaging with green white and blue, so when consumers go to the shelves the red and white color attract them.

    Olpers has given an extra feature to their milk by offering full cream richness and standardized UHT (ultra heat treated) milk for a happy and healthy family. 2- Segmentation The milk sector shows a market that has homogeneous preferences that is the consumers have similar preferences. * They want milk to be clear and free from any impurities. * It should be carefully processed * It should be good for health and bone Demographic Segmentation: * Age: OLPE’S milk is not bounded for particular age. TVC has shown characters of all age. It includes children’s, Young and old persons. Gender: TVC has shown that is for both genders male and female. TVC has shown Babra Shrif Fawad khan and Waqar khan are having glass of OLPER’S milk. * Income: They have targeted the middle and upper middle class in TVC. TVC has not shown any character that belongs to lower middle and below class. * Family size: In TVC they have target the young married, married with the children, older married families’ sizes. * Education: In TVC they have targeted the literate class, they have shown the characters that are well educated, and they have targeted the people of urban cities in this TVC. Psychographic Segmentation:

    Socioeconomic class: In TVC they have shown families of urban cities, TVC has shown characters dressed up properly and living in very modern life style. They have targeted the SEC A, B and C class in this TVC. Life style: In TVC they shown strong family bond, first they have shown family sitting in lawn celebrating birthday, in second place they have shown couple, husband making cake for his wife and lastly they have shown couple expecting baby. In all three they have shown cultural oriented and outdoor oriented lifestyle. Personality Traits: In TVC they have shown families enjoy special occasions of their life.

    At first they have shown mother who is surprised by children’s on her birthday, than they have shown couple expecting a baby. They have applied sincerity as personality trait in this TVC. 3- Summary TVC has fairly succeeded in conveying message to its identified target market. In TVC they have shown characters of all age groups showing that this product is for all age groups. They have shown both the genders consuming OLPER’s milk depicting their target audience. In TVC they have used red color in dressing and in backgrounds, they have also shown that OLPER’s are being used for making desserts, tea and is highly nutritious.

    They have fairly succeeded in conveying the discriminating attributes of the product, i. e. “red color of packaging” and “All-purpose milk”. They have shown strong bonds among families and families are cheering their special occasions. They have succeeded to build the loyalty and succeed to associate special events celebrations and happiness with this product. However they have neglected the segment of market that is achievers, who are more goals oriented and focused on their careers. TVC has not shown any characters that are goal oriented and more focused towards their career.

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