Something Rotten in Hondo

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George. the program trough for Ardnak Plastic Inc. . faces an ethical and moral quandary. The Ardnak Plastic Plant he relocated to be the director of has environmental jobs. Fix the air choice issue at his works or ticker as the works moves to Mexico. The fume bets are let go ofing excessively much pollutant into the air to the point the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) has begun to ticket the corporation. George can alter the clip of twenty-four hours the works manufactures its merchandise and let go of the pollutants into the air at dark. This is what his coevalss at the other workss are making to conceal the release. His foreman has threatened him to repair the job or the works gets moved to Mexico. The stakeholders are George the works director. Bill. George’s supervisor. George’s household. the town of Hondo. the Mexican town. the Environmental Protection Agency. anyone affected by the release of pollutants. and the environment. Their involvements are the occupations of the employees. the lively goon of the town of Hondo. the investing of the shareholders. the branching of pollutants in the environment and the moral duty of George.

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With the force per unit area Bill places on George to repair the job or the works will be moved opens several legal issues. The works is in misdemeanor of the “Clean Air Act” of 1970. This act protects the stakeholders or the current and future coevalss from air contaminates typically excessively little to see with the bare oculus ( eGuide. n. d. ) . The EPA has enforceable powers to mandate companies fix the jobs or face closing. George has the moral duty to his community to repair the job. Hiding the fume at dark will non repair the job nor will it conceal his moral or ethical duties. As the director of the works George has an duty to understand the branchings of toxic civil wrongs. Businesss are lawfully bound to responsible steps by legal agencies ( eGuide. n. d. ) . Simply a concern could be sued by and single without holding to turn out the concern violated any jurisprudence. The Ardnak Plastic works is in misdemeanor of the “Clean Water Act” . The acerb rain. from the pollutants released into the air. falls onto the community polluting the dirt. watercourse. and drinking H2O. The act seeks to supply protection to all beginnings of H2O. flora. marine life and the ecosystem ( eGuide. n. d. ) .

Ethical Analysis

Categorical Imperative Theory

Immanuel Kant states that people have a responsibility to action and their action should take into consideration the best involvement of everyone. Decisions need made by measuring moral actions and utilizing moral judgement ( Categorical Imperative. n. d. ) . In the instance. George knows the right determination is to cut down the emanations. However. Bill has threatened George. If the works does non halt. having mulcts from the EPA the company will relocate to Mexico. George has the responsibility to do the determination for the improvement of the community.

Utilitarian Theory

Bill is inquiring George to do the determination or act in a mode. which benefits Bill and the company. Bill has no involvement in the public assistance of the community or the environment. The actions requested of George are non in favour of the bulk but for Bill and the company ( Bentham & A ; Mills. n. d. ) . These action topographic point an ethical adversity on George as the economic impact of an full town remainder on his determination.

Rights Theory

The citizens of Hondo have a right to a happy and healthy life. The workss release of the pollutants jeopardizes these rights and the rights of future citizens. Every individual is born with certain rights ( Principles & A ; Theories. n. d. ) . George has a moral and ethical duty to do the right determination sing the pollutants. His determination will hold permanent effects on the rights of others.

Justice Theory

The company is inquiring George to do determinations that will conflict on the societal and economic position of an full town ( Rawls. n. d. ) . If he does non rectify the job. the works gets moved to Mexico. This will do several hundred citizens to lose their occupation. The subsequent shut down of the works will impact the economic position of the town of Hondo. The citizens of Hondo have the right to populate a healthy happy life free of pollutants.


The Ardnak Plastics Inc. installation in Hondo. Texas violates several environmental Torahs by leting the release of pollutants into the air. The release besides violates the ethical rights of the stakeholders of the instance ( Principles & A ; Theories. n. d. ) . George has the authorization to do the determination and turn to the job as outlined by the toxic civil wrong guidelines ( eGuide. n. d. ) . The right determination would be for George to take the ethical attack. He should bespeak a meeting with Bill’s supervisor and the board of managers to describe the menaces made to him and the town. If this does non rectify the job. he should seek the aid of legal advocate and coerce the issue. This action may do the works to shut but George will hold made the ethical determination. The determination to cover up the job will take to the impairment of peoples wellness. It would be unethical for George to move upon this determination. He knows this is non the right determination to do. The stakeholders are dependent on him to move on their behalf and do the ethical and right determination ( eGudie. n. d. ) .


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