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Summary of Sony Corporation

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Founded in 1946, Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio,video, communications, and information technology products for the consumerand professional markets. Its music, motion picture, television, computerentertainment, and online businesses makeSonyoneofthemostcomprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Sonyhas1,068consolidated subsidiaries worldwide. Sony Corporation of America, based inNew York City, is the U.S. subsidiary of Sony Corporation, headquartered inTokyo. Sony’s principal U.S. businesses include Sony Electronics Inc., SonyPictures Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment Inc., and Sony ComputerEntertainment America Inc. Sony recorded consolidated annual sales of over.

9 billion for the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2002, and it employs168,000 people worldwide. It is a publicly held company, with shares listedon 16 stock exchanges worldwide, including Tokyo, New York and London.

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Summary of Sony Corporation
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Sony has an interest in many forms of data storage, including magnetictape and optical disc drives and media. INSIC’s primary contact is withSony Electronics’ business development unit for data recording medialocated in Boulder, Colorado. This group is responsible for the developmentof technical and business relationships in the U.

S. that deal with theimplementation of advanced recording technologies.

Similarities:1. Based on small or family businessThese two media kingdoms are both set up on the basis of small-scale familycompany. Viacom was carved out from the cinema company and Sony co. basedon some small electronic products.

2. brand-extension decision and human resourcesTo these two great company groups,?it means creating good content toinsist on their brand attitudes. It is essential to attract and keep thetalent with innovative ability. Sumner Redstore and the CEO of Sony bothhave a stable administrative staff’s team.

3. Get hold of the opportunity to exploit the oversea marketViacom and Sony Co. are both commit itself to open up the overseamarket. They all had taken aim at Asia or Europe countries.

4. MergeTheir most important development is depended on merging other largecompanies. As a result of perpetual mergingactivities,theycanconsolidate one’s own staple.

5. New technologySony and Viacom both pay attention to the new technologies .They putout the service of wide band almost at the same time/Difference1. Different market and targetViacom’s products almost are film, Television and broadcast such asParamount Pictures, CBS and Nickelodeon.

Sony Corporation focus on Electronicsandcommunicationsandinformation technology products.

2. Different patternsViacom’s pattern is depended on its content while Sony pattern throughthe channel. For example, in China, Viacom opened out diversiform programsand Sony bought some small companies to keep his legs.

3. Different characteristicsRedstone is ardor with pioneer spirit while Sony’s leader is level-headed and develops step by step. These characteristics are incarnated intheir own company’s strategy.

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