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Special Occasion Speech Topics

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Deciding on special occasion speech topics is something everyone faces at some point in their lives. That being said, we’re only called upon to make special occasion speeches from time to time, so coming up with the perfect topics for these times can be a little difficult!There are many different types of special occasion speeches you might be required to make during your lifetime.

Speech Topic: Graduation Speeches

A speech that pretty much ALL of us have to make at some point is either a high school graduation speech, a college/university graduation speech or valedictorian speech.

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Special Occasion Speech Topics
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No matter what organization you are graduating from, the chances are quite good a long ceremony will be involved!If you are graduating from a traditional organization, like a school, college, or post-secondary training program, you may be asked to come up with a speech because you were at the top of your class. Or you might have been asked back to be the one who gives the commencement speech.

You are, of course, expected to make an intelligent speech that demonstrates your aptitude as a student.

So think about the important concepts you have learned as well as the special memories that come to mind when you look back on your experiences as a student. Check out these “do’s and don’ts” of writing graduation speeches and a list of 15 graduation speech topics to help you get started.Also, please do check out

  • this great example of a high school valedictorian speech
  • this funny sample graduation speech
  • M. Leon’s example of a valedictorian speech


..to give you some great ideas for creating one of your own.You might also want to choose from one of these quotes for graduation speeches to help inspire you.

Aside from the speeches made on graduation day, graduation songs are important as well because you will remember them the rest of your life.And if you’re running for President of your student council, check out this student council speech sent in by Stephanie.

Speech Topic: Free Wedding Speeches

Most of us, at one time or another, will be asked to speak at a wedding. Nerve wracking as it may be, the GOOD news is that your list of special occasion speech topics for this day is endless!Whether you are the.


  • father of the groom
  • father of the bride
  • mother of the bride
  • mother of the groom
  • best man
  • maid of honor
  • or the maid of honour (British spelling!)


.or you’re trying to write a funny wedding speech, the key to a good wedding speech is to make it relevant to the couple.Use some of the above free funny wedding speeches to help you create your own personalized version. Just follow the structure of these examples and you’ll be on your way to giving a memorable speech at the reception.

Wedding MC speeches and wedding toast speeches also play a big part in making the event one to remember!Consider talking about special memories of the bride and groom. Be sure to make complimentary remarks about the ceremony, the d;cor, and the attire of both parties. You might also want to include stories about the happy couple. Your wishes and hopes for the couple should close out this list of special occasion speech topics.

Check out some of the sample wedding speeches above to get you started.

Speech Topic: Funeral Speeches

If someone close has passed on you may be chosen to speak at the funeral. Please see these tips for preparing a eulogy speech, or funeral speechYou might also like to choose a poem or quote on death, which may be appropriate to use in your eulogy or as a separate reading during the memorial service.

Speech Topic: Retirement Speech

If you’re retiring and need to say goodbye to a group of people who are like family to you, this retirement speech and these quotes on retirement may help you with the task.

If, however, you have to give a speech at someone’s else’s retirement party, this sample retirement speech given by a colleague for a teacher may be of some help.If you’re not actually retiring and are, perhaps, just leaving a job or the country and need to say goodbye to a group of people, use this free farewell speech as a guide. It will provide a framework and help you craft a speech of your own.

Speech Topic: Other Special Occasion Speech Topics

There are a variety of other special occasions at which you may be asked to speak, so I hope you find some of the following articles useful.


  • Example of a welcome speech
  • 50th birthday speech
  • 40th birthday speech
  • Tips on writing a good birthday speech
  • Free birthday speech
  • After dinner speech topics

If you’ve been chosen as an after-dinner speaker, humor might be your overall goal. If someone is being honored, however, a tribute speech would be more appropriate.

Or you might like to consider giving a motivational speech based around your personal experiences.Whatever your goal, there are several things to keep in mind as you choose from your list of special occasion speech topics.Think first about the members of your audience. Audience awareness is easily one of the most important facets of public speaking.

Ignoring the sensibilities of your audience – and committing a grievous error like telling a joke in poor taste – will sabotage your efforts and ensure your speech is remembered for all the WRONG reasons!You should also keep both the time and place of your speech in mind when you choose from your long list of special occasion speech topics.   

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Special Occasion Speech Topics. (2017, Oct 22). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/special-occasion-speech-topics-speech-example-ideas/

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