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The US government has probably increased twice as much under Obama as it has under the past two administrations. Gas prices have more than doubled, food prices has increased. Heating, oil, and electricity has been projected to increase in the next few years by 10%. In order to overcome what we have lost under this administration Americans need to come together and unite. People came to America to be free; to be able to work hard. Where they could have the American dream.

To be able to worship as they choose. To be responsible for themselves and to become good citizens of America. They now find that what they left, has come to America. Under the current health care system every emplyer with 50 or more employees will be mandated to provide health insurance for each employee or be penalized. Those employees not covered by employers health insurance starting in 2014 will have to purchase their own health insurance, if not they will be penalized.

America needs to come together to vote in an administration that will right all the wrong thats been done under this administration. Under the current Medicare system senior citizens have been able to seek their own doctors and hospitals. The doctors were able to provide medical services needed for each individual. Obama care will cause the Medicare system to only provide the services aboard to physicians stipulate. We will lose doctors, nurses, and our health care system has we know it.

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