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Sports, Science and Technology

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Discussion The conception of sport as the most cherished leisure activity is imperative to the comprehending of the notion of culture, history and modern society of the 21st century. Sport is basically multiplicity in perspective. It was employed by the colonial masters, it also works to construct and sustain state identities as well as functioning within the modern movements of resistance. Budd A (2002). However, the scientific advances are evident in all the sporting events.

Athletes have their diets and training designed by scientists, whereas, material technologists is consistent advancing footwear and clothing production with an objective to achieving outfits that support optimum utility.

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Sports, Science and Technology
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Gunston R (2005) For instance, at the current Olympics events being held in Beijing, science and technology is ubiquitous. The swimming team has been sporting the modest in drag minimizing bodysuits. Marathon runners are being electronically monitored to determine their position on the pitch.

The opening ceremony in itself was a vibrant and colorful combination of science and technology.

Consequently, science is in a position to assist an athlete bend, and also break the rules. Genetic engineering and cell biology on the other hand offers potential functional enhancing drugs that are rather stealth and deceptive for the doping tests. Most athletes have been using tetrahydrogestrinone drugs for instance Kelli White during the world championship in Paris.

Michael Sokolove (2004). With the advents of sophisticated technological revolution that are characterized by massive computer production and infrastructures. Sport has consequently evolved with the changing pace of technology. The sporting is no doubt an electronic culture that has been embraced by people from all walks of life regardless of age. With the multimedia technology on the rampage, interactive computer games constitute the e-culture. Gunston R (2005).

The impact of technology on the sport is so enormous; what has been played on the pitch has now been programmed and integrated into computer systems. Real time computer games are the constituents of the contemporary culture that springs up from the computing expertise. Gunston R (2005); It is therefore imperative to illustrate that children as well as the youth have become drivers behind for many technological industries; including the media, fashion and music in fashioning sporting prototypes with a view to targeting the wider fanatical society for economic reasons. Gunston R (2005).

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