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Sportsmanship in Athelets Essay

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    All athletes have sportsmanship it can either be good or bad most people think sportsmanship does not go a long way. Many professional teams think sportsmanship goes a lot farther then skills teams want players who will represent their teams well on and off of the playing field. Social Media plays a big part in athletes promoting themselves. Social media is here to stay whether we like it or not the sports world is a very different world than it was twenty years ago with today´s media. Athletes are pressured to put their best foot forward to benefit their followers on social media including their sponsors and team. ¨Players need to remember that cruel comments are really about the person commenting, not the player,¨ (Rutledge 1) mental toughness is a big key in sports you have big crowds and opposing players trying to get in your head and cause you to lose focus on the game. Once you take what occurred during the game on to social media the opposing player and crowd just beat you.

    Most athletes need to start accepting it and managing their emotions on the playing field once something triggers between players it tends to lead to officials separating the players if the players don’t separate and start arguing with the officials they might end up getting ejected. After ejection post game interviews and journalist gravitate towards the ejection and is what the main topic of the interview is and might be the main article in tomorrow’s paper. During the interview the reporter would ask a question involving the other player who was involved in the altercation so once that players name is brought up you should be a good sport and mainly focus the question towards you and not so much towards the other player some people might consider it targeting the other player during a interview focus on yourself and on your team.Away from the negative side of social media there is also a good side and benefit of having social media accounts.

    Many great athletes use social media to promote their brand and even charities. Notable athletes who have a charity of their own is National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar LeBron James and Major League Baseball (MLB) Yankee legend Derek Jeter with the world’s best athletes promoting their charity on social media just shows how much they are willing to give back. The LeBron James Family Foundation’s mission is to positively affect the lives of children and young adults through education and co-curricular educational initiatives. ¨We believe that an education and living an active, healthy lifestyle is pivotal to the development of children and young adults¨( $2.5 million for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America just for answering one simple question from a radio broadcaster. Derek Jeters Turn 2 foundation is to ¨create and support signature programs and activities that motivate young people to turn away from drugs and alcohol and ‘TURN 2′ healthy lifestyles,’ (

    Many athletes are starting to get together and pair up on fundraiser and charities the Manning brothers Eli and Peyton who are possible National Football League (NFL) Hall of Fame quarterbacks Eli playing for the New York Giants and Peyton many playing for the Indianapolis Colts and the last couple years of his career played for the Denver Broncos hold many family fundraisers and Peyton is still playing his part even after retirement. Which is very nice to see since most retired athletes go MIA for a little while and enjoy not being involved with the media. It seems like more and more athletes start to shy away from giving back and being involved once they start coming to an end in their career of an athlete.The Media plays a big part in the sports industry with the pregame and postgame interviews and many athletes will attend and many won´t and one special player from the NFL Marshawn Lynch dislikes the media. He is not afraid to let you or the media know how he feels about the situation with the media and how he feels disrespected he feels ¨I’m here preparing for a game. And y’all want to ask me these questions, which is understandable. I could get down with that.

    But I told y’all. I’m not about to say nothing. … All of my requirements are fulfilled.¨ (Lynch 1)The tone he uses is very laid back but while reading and listening to what he’s saying has a strong message. The disrespect to female journalist and reporters is getting out of hand this is 2018 i thought we are gonna start having gender equality and stop judging by sex or color. Cam Newton the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers is the first person who comes to mind. Jourdan Rodrigue had asked the Carolina quarterback about a certain route that he has his receivers run and in response Newton said that’s funny a female is asking me how to run routes football is a man sport. The room was so quiet in disbelief that newton had made such a cruel comment. Newton later on stated ‘My sarcasm trying to give somebody kind of a compliment turned in ways I never would have even imagined.'(Newton 1) Like I said on my opening paragraph focus on yourself during an interview because the media and audience might think you’re targeting someone. A couple days later Rodrigue had taken the situation to Twitter saying she didn’t think it was funny to talk about routes as a female when its her job. Does a reporter have sportsmanship? Cam Newton obviously got the best of Rodrigue she took her feelings straight to social media (Twitter) which is exactly what we don’t want our athletes doing. Reporters just have the same rules as our athletes and should be restricted on what is said.

    Just like a player putting a bad name on him or her self and the team they play for the reporter/journalist is doing the same thing for the company they work for and some people might start thinking the reporters work and articles are not reliable anymore one little thing can ruin your career.Professional teams are just know starting to give consequences and really starting to fine the player. Athletes are starting to lose fan base and sponsorships and worst of all starting to get released from the organization they once played for and getting paid for what they loved to do as an athlete there is eyes and cameras following you everywhere you go and you have a big responsibility. The big responsibility as a professional athlete is being professional all the time no matter where you go simple as even just going to the grocery store to pick up some milk or eggs your a professional athlete for a reason. Many athletes have lost their job over things that could´ve been a different outcome. On July 9, 1997 Mike Tyson a professional boxer was fined $3 million and revoked from his boxing license as well being banned from professional boxing. The reason behind it is Mike Tyson had a fight against Evander Holyfield and a young cocky Mike Tyson at the age of twenty years old had an amazing start to his boxing career.

    The start of the fight Tyson was getting worked by Holyfield in the first and second round and a frustrated Tyson was running out of options.As round three was set to begin, Tyson tried to fight without his mouthpiece but the referee made him insert it. With about 40 seconds left in the round, Tyson bit Holyfield’s right ear during a clinch.As blood leaked, the referee called timeout to figure out what to do next. A doctor determined that Holyfield could still fight so the referee deducted two points from Tyson’s score and let the fight go on. Just seconds later in the same round, Tyson bit Holyfield’s left ear to.The referee didn’t stop the fight this time and the two men finished the round. The fight was then stopped before the fourth round and the victory was awarded to Holyfield. Tyson ended up letting his emotions get the best of him Holyfield had the advantage as soon as he got in the young Tysons head he had won right away. Being a professional athlete especially a boxer takes some serious mental strength you can’t let anything get in your head as soon as your opponent has unlocked that he or she has already won.Professional athletes with mental toughness tend to be the more successful.

    Mental toughness is when you, your body, the competition, nature, or the environment has the best of you so that you’re physically tapped out and need to figure out how to pull something out of yourself… not in a robotic way—in a way that’s mentally aware and engaged. It’s not just the ability to keep moving but to keep doing it in a way that’s engaged and competitive in the environment you’re in, whether that’s competing against the clock or other human beings. It’s easy when you feel good physically. It’s when that physicality leaves you. When repeating a process over and keep expecting a different result there and then you are going to be considered insane. The same thing goes for athletes that are always training the same way and working out and expecting to perform better on the field. The exact same thing will happen with nutrition dont expect different results if all you eat is pancakes and hamburgers every day

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