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The Statue of a Wounded Amazon and the Statue of Aphrodite Holding Winged Eros are two sculptures that represent the strength and significance of females in different cultures. The Amazon sculpture depicts a mythical female warrior who has been stripped of her weapons and horse and is wounded, yet remains calm and shows no signs of pain or fatigue. On the other hand, the Aphrodite sculpture represents a Greek goddess of love, holding a winged Eros on her shoulder. The two sculptures have very few similarities, with the Amazon sculpture being more detailed in its features and clothing, and the Aphrodite sculpture having no fluidity nor displaying any emotions. Overall, both sculptures are representative of the importance of women in each respective culture.

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The Amazons were a mythical race of warrior women known for their skills in archery and horsemanship. This marble statue depicts a wounded Amazon. She has been stripped of her weapons and horse, and wounded underneath her right breast. She wears a short, sleeveless chiffon unfastened at one shoulder and belted at the waist with a makeshift bit of bridle from her horse. Despite her misfortune the warrior appears calm and shows no signs of pain or fatigue. She rest her right arm on her head, this is usually a sign of sleep or death. Of this marble copy, the lower legs and feet have been restored with plaster casts from other marble copies; however the facial features and curls are of the original bronze. The Amazon’s serene pose and expression of emotional restraint are characteristics of Classical sculpture of the second half of the 5th century B.C. (met, 2006).

In this sculpture made of limestone, the goddess is plainly identified as Aphrodite by the small figure of Eros, who perches on her shoulder. Aphrodite wears a crown decorated with palmettes alternating with nude females that remind of the representations of Astarte. She has on a necklace of pendant blossoms and a chiton with himation (cloak) that comes up over the back of her headdress. The long spiral locks of hair falling over both shoulders recalls statues of young maidens (korai) from the Athenian Acropolis in 5th and 6th century B.C. (met, 2006).

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When comparing the two sculptures I find there are very few similarities. Both are of representational and convey realism. Both are of mythical female beings. Aphrodite represents a Greek goddess and the Amazon represents a female warrior.

In contrasting the two sculptures you I find many differences. The Statue of a Wounded Amazon was originally made of bronze and copied in marble. The Statue of Aphrodite Holding Winged Eros is made of limestone. The Amazon sculpture is more detailed in its features and clothing and it depicts fluid movement of the body in its stance. The Aphrodite has no fluidity nor does it display any features to determine the emotions of the sculpted. The Amazon represents the strength and vulnerability of a woman all at the same time. It represents the pride of a warrior even when they are beaten. Aphrodite is representational of the deity of love. This is conveyed in the sculpture by her holding the winged Eros as he is perched on her shoulder. The Amazon is of the Italian Peninsula and Aphrodite is of the Eastern Mediterranean.

In conclusion it is clear that both sculptures are a symbol of the strength or significance of females in each culture.

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