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Stereotype Essays

Being the quiet girl is a job by it’s self. Plus when you add the smart girl on to being quiet its a double job to conquer. By that I mean tell me how many quiet girls you know ; then add smart to that. How many quiet girls do you know. I bet I’m one if a kind then. So let me lay down the requirements to being quiet and smart girl will observe stupid behaviors of others, listening to pointless conversations, and keeping my smartness on the low.
I have always been shy with people I don’t know too well ever since I can remember. It’s hard for me to open up to new people because I am not sure what they will think of me. Once I really know someone, I can open up and be the real me. Being around be i know and truly care about breaks my shell of quietness. When i am around my friends and family am a totally new person, they bring the fun and exictiment out of me. People think that they can use and run over people that are to themsevles.
But, to me i don’t let that happen. In school people think that because you are quiet that they can use to cheat off your paper, but i let them know that you can read and study so you can do your own work. To conclude, the sterotype I have is probably that i am quiet, and shy. This true to some extent. I have always been shy with people that don’t know to well. But that does not define me as human being. People are always trying to define someone but not themselves

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